Has Gordon Brown developed a back bone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The_Rattler, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. :roll: Gordon Brown has issued a stark warning to Robert Mugabe that the world's patience with him is fast running out.


    So what does this mean another war/fight/conflict for the UK or is it just a bit of Sabre rattling, so Gordon can get his street cred back :roll:
  2. It is relatively easy to show a bit of spine when it comes to Zimbabwe - he is hardly swimming against the tide of public opinion in any country in the world. He can now see the writing on the wall for Mugabe and is banking up a couple of Brownie points (no pun intended) to use in subsequent speeches (of the "I have not shrunk from my duty to the International Community to fight for democracy...blah, blah type) perhaps around UK General Election time).

    What we need is a Movement for Democratic Change in this country, before Gordon and his zaNu-Labour Party manage to gerrymander all the Parliamentary boundaries, desperately keeping Labour-voting Scotland within the Union for one more roll of the dice and buying off voters in the publically-funded client state that he has created. In fact, I am surprised that he hasn't grown a little toothbrush moustache himself.
  3. Standing up to Mugabe will appeal to his "student union socialism".

    If Mugabe does go expect a hefty chunk of UK cash to be thrown Zimbabwe's way at the expense of budgets in the MOD, NHS etc etc.
  4. I don't think Brown has a backbone in the first place. After all his New (Scottish) Labour government, that rules over us, has no interest in England, especially those areas that vote conservative. Hence the biase in public works in New (Scottish) Labour areas.

    Maybe Brown could audition for the part of William Wallace, instead of that tosser Mel Gibson. We would at least have part of history correct. A jock playing a jock.
  5. 'Brown!' 'Backbone!'...They dont realy work well together!
  6. A firm "NO" to that question. Backbone my arrse!
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Brown will do what Liebour aways does;
    Let the good 'ol US of A go in first & start a war & then commit a already overstretched British Military to operations there!
  8. He's already offered a billion quid, thats of our money, personally I would make it conditional on Zims anti white racist policies and actions being reversed.

    But this is New Labour so it will be conditional on them being continued.
  9. "student union socialism".
    and his wierd religous beliefs sort of ground into him by his father.
  10. This is the equivalent of the chav spouting sh*te to impress his mates just before they all run away - he'll look big and tough in front of his cronies but knows that he'll never have to back his words up with deeds and that there'll be no comeback. At the same time everyone else knows it is just mouthing off.

    Brown - one of the biggest two faced, incompetent t*sser's this country has ever produced...

    :x :x :x :x

  11. I'm appalled.
  12. Wish you F'ers would stop saying he's on the side of the scots. The cnut is F'ing us over as well.
    Everytime he puts up fuel duty, everything costs us more cause we're further away from import/distribution points.
    Our services are in a worse state than yours cause they always got the votes up here so there was no need to bribe the scots electorate with better services.
    And because Liebor are so useless and corrupt, we've now got the SNP in charge up here who have no clue and are just as corrupt ... with a dangerous undercurrent of insane. Believe me its no picnic up here either with Broon in charge!
  13. Suggests the unelected & unelectable minister, prime spineless had "street cred" at some point previously. Hmmmmmmmmmm........... wonder where he lost that then?

  14. Just watch Mugabe chop a few white folks up for that comment of Broon's.