Has God gone all chutney?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. I have to ask, because if you look at all the people who are really doing well for themselves, they are mostly ferrets or fellow travellers. It doesn't matter where you look; politics, the media, the military, the churches. I mean, you can't swing a crozier at an anglican synod without decking a dozen irons or lezzers.

    I was raised as an old school muscular christian and those muscles were not supposed to gleam oilily through a see through t-shirt and keyhole leather chaps now were they? What happened?
  2. I have no clue about what you are on about, but I do like a bit of chutney on my cheese sandwiches.
  3. Is there a hint of jealousy there because no one will smear you in oil and you dont look good in a see through t shirt and keyhole leather chaps?
  4. Yeah right...so what I really need is a well oiled bishop! Think again batty boy.
  5. Cerny,you still shagging the lezzer upstairs?
  6. I bet that made perfect sense in your head, are you related to Dali by chance?:)
  7. When I was told that 'God is indivisible' I always assumed that includes His arse-cheeks. Either that's changed recently or He's going to start laying on as soon as adequate stocks of fire and brimstone are standing by. When the Guardian spontaneously combusts we'll know that His procurement issues have been sorted.
  8. I thing being a sneaky butcher is a leg up (fnar fnar) nowadays.

    I was watching Channel 4 news last week and had to turn over as the Arts Editor was making my ears bleed. I don't care if he's a shit stabber but his voice was sooooo grating and droning that he sounded like a 5 yr old doing a show and tell.

    "I went to the gallery, and then there was some pictures, and the man said a man called Turner did paint then, and then we went home"

    No way he got that job without waving the pink card.
  9. With that user-name, I always thought you were a Neo-Druidic Pagan!8-O:biggrin::biggrin:
  10. Nope, when I'm dragging a pig uphill through a mile of wet German forest I don't bump into very many druids. Which suits me.

    Are you still sporting your RMP kit whilst stacking trolleys?
  11. No, the bitches moved out. There's a young couple in there now and she likes a length or two, nuff said.
  12. How very dare you?! They've promoted me to throwing out bitter, homophobic drunks like your good self!:biggrin:
  13. So what you're actually saying is it's all a vile disease spread by American based mossad agents to make us all wear nylon and eventually die with our arseholes riddled with aids.
  14. You won't catch me in Tescos, unless they've opened a gunsmithing department or run a five bottles for the price of one offer on Oban Single Malt. Drunk yes, bitter, yes, I drink it when I can get it so I can be said to resemble those remarks but homophobic, the word root phobia suggest fear. I don't fear fudgepackers or uphill gardeners, pity, yes, disdain, yes, , revulsion, some, fear, no!
  15. Well get in there and let us know your tales of threesomes whilst trying to avoid the devils sporn. I take it mother-in-law is still on this mortal coil?