Has Gary Windass just marched into his CO's office with a goatee?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Delta-Dog, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. WTF? They are seriously taking the urine haha.
  2. That looks like an RAOC capbadge too!
  3. I was suprised he was:

    a. Wearing an RAOC capbadge
    b. Had a beard
    c. Shaped his beret like an HLS

    Still the poor creature is ginger so I suppose we could expect no better
  4. Hard to believe they can't get a half decent consultant to get it right. However I did notice that the other 3 blokes in the room had something that resembled a decently shaped beret.
  5. I've already started a thread on this, so take your second rate thread and shove it.
  6. I'll shove it down the pub at 8.30pm.
  7. I would do his mam.
  8. His escorts also had RLC cap badges on the stable belts
  9. Who's Gary Windass? Have I fallen for a wind-up?
  10. He looks like a bag of shit with his jungle trousers on and his crappy ginger beard. "Please sir I can Change" Why didnt the RSM standing next to him, march the little shit in?