Has freedom of speech gone mad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnnyreno13, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. There is a new site opening on the web www.theratbook.com It is said that they have Every professional trades man from builders to doctors and lawyers,sportsmen and women. They are only showing the scandal they carry not the good works they have carried out. And what frightens me most is they are showing all known terrorists, pedo's and perv's in Britain. Is this freedom of speech gone mad. They have spent millions on collecting all this data for what. For people to take the law into there own hands, There will be linch mobs in every town, is this site necessary. Who ever is behind this should of put the millions into some good use.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Might just be a spoof site to get your email address.
  3. You may be right. I left a new email address just to see. I received a email back stating that they are still collecting data and will launch there site in a few months. What is funny is they have backing music ( there is a rat in the system what are you going to do) lol If it is to name and shame dodgy builders etc then I am all for it. If its to gather linch mobs then it is a no go.
  4. " Has freedom of speech gone mad". I shall add a question mark - ?

    No, it has not, but the CONTROL of the freedom of speech has!

    'Stalin' and his lieutenants Jackie 'Spliff' and the members of ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) have directed that only those persons agreeing entirely with 'Chairman' Brown may be heard , or photographed!

    This strangling of the basic rights of British Subjects has been going on for some time - since about May 1997 at a rough guess - and nobody appears to notice or care.
  5. Nothing to do with freedom of speech, if they’re writing things that aren’t true then it’s libellous and if they’re publishing information to which they have no legal right then they’re breaking privacy laws.

    Does sound dodgy though. Something to keep an eye on.
  6. Hmm, I’ve just done a quick google search about this and I hate to point an accusing finger but the only thing I’m finding is a lot of posts in forums, all very similar, about this website.






    The last one is from you Johnny, oddly espousing the opposite view you do here.

    You wouldn’t perhaps have something to do with site would you?

    You can google “theratbook.com” to find more.
  7. That Johhnnyreno13 has quite an eclectic bunch of forums that he uses as he spreads the good (and bad) aspects of this so called ratting site.

    He never responds much though I note, when the questions regarding his involvement get a bit heavy. Hmmm.

    However I do feel he should have spent a bit more time researching this site before he started his troll because he may well end up looking as twa*ish as the site he is so fond of.

    Note: I am presuming that johnnyreno13 is male and I am aware that there are other genders available.

    Nice Rat. Nice Website. Really really bad idea.
  8. I would like to answer your post. Unlike you I would not have to resort to bad language. Firstly I note you have only five posts on this site so who are you to say I never respond. As far as researching a site that is to be launched soon. I have been in contact to this said site by email. I have asked questions on topics that interest me. ie terrorisom,pedophiles and government officials. I am also very interested in lots of other topics that they cover. As for me looking tw--ish have you gone as far as to even contact this site big mouth. As far as my gender I am female. Assumption is the mother of all f-ckups. If you would of took the time to read the temporary site you would of been in a better position to give your views.

    Yours faithfully. Johnnyreno13 ( In case you are wondering johnnyreno13 is my dead brothers name who died in a parachute accident on the 13th in bahrain)
  9. E-Layer. The point you make on racial hatred against whites is a very good point. I have actually emailed info@theratbook.com and asked this very question. There response was That all racial hatred is covered.
  10. Have you thought about visiting a doctor? Your mad "interest" would seem to me borderline pyschotic, and no, I've no interest in your name.
  11. Please tell me just what my interests have to do with you. You seem to think that I need medical help. Take a good look at your Avator. You are promoting that it is funny to see children hanging themselves. The only person that needs medical help is you. Is it something that has happened to you as a child or is there something more sinister.
  12. I would have thought any attempt to set up a site like this would have resulted in a visit from ZANU-Labour's Fingermen... :roll:

    "Not so funny now, are you Mr Funny Man?!" :twisted:

    I would be surprised if the proposed website did'nt break any number of laws.