Has fear of the Padre killed another thread?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StickyToffeePudding, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. Perhaps everyone is bored with the same thread rearing its head again and again. Some people are gay, live with it.
  2. At least you had the chance to debate with them rather than just censoring them. You might offend people with your views.
  3. The subject will always raise (if you pardon the pun!) baitings and bites and some very dark humour, but to just lock it 'because' seems a bit pants to me and the start of the slippery slope to sensorship, either politically motivated or to appease site sponsors.
  4. Some things are beyond debate. The right of the individual to run their lives and property as they see fit vs the state imposing its morality on them is not one of those things. In my time on this board I've seen debate with a supporter of the IRA, it says a lot when thats seen as ok (as it should be) but discussion about morality is not.
  5. Better get the MODs to ban you then.
  6. Sensorship? Doesn't that come under ISTAR?
  7. Sh!t, it's censorship, isn't it, b0ll0x spelling...
  8. I can't see anything particularly offensive on there and, either way, the padre's still a cnut. Strange that some people can't discuss any gay issue that comes up in Current Affairs without using terms like 'fudge packer' though. Crack on, it means nothing on an internet site and I'd rather people had the freedom to say it rather than be censored. Bet they wouldn't post the word 'nigger' with quite the same abandon though...
  9. How is being an arrse bandit a question about morality? I myself have attempted (sometimes successfully) to engage the young ladys secondary objective.
  10. I dunno - that twat that started banging on about paedo's being tolerated in the future etc was probably why it got locked. As Jarrod said - people should think before they post. But we all know that's nigh-on impossible on here... :roll:
  11. Maybe black people can punch harder than poofs?

    Although in reality its because is people did start calling people niggers on this site, most of the site would defend black people (if the MODs dont jump in first) where as being gay isnt as popular as people like to make out so fewer people will defend you.
    Besides it wasn't a black padre who fucked things up.
  12. Where are you going with this stacker1? Niggers can be poofs too.
  13. I couldn't see either, which is why I was puzzeled why it was locked.
  14. But it's ok for some blacks to call other blacks 'nigger' but not for any white person to call them it.