Has everyone knocked off

I would, but the RSM is still lurking about.

Think I'll just hang around winding up the jocks for the next hour or two!
Some of us in the colonies have hardly absorbed the breakfast biccie and had the caffeine kick in.. give us a moment...
I didn't realise that students and Aussies worked off the same time zone.
I'm still here. Done nothing but surf the net all day though 8O

Well thats another hundred quid in the bank, i'll be knocking off soon :D
1 hour left, then I'm moving to Getthefuckoutofheresville.


War Hero
Been off for a week, another 4 weeks off to push.

Hard job, but leave it to me. ;-) ;-)
34 (working) days left in 4 Armd Div, then a quick posting to 1 (UK) Civ Div.

I havn't slept yet, looking for a early knock off (i've a lot of sleeping/drinking to do this weekend).
I know Manymetal, was meant to have a leaving do this Friday, but it was cancelled due to no music/nobody here/no-one liked the guy.

Looks like a good block party though!!! (If anyone is in Oznataz, PM me, the beers are on him)

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