Has everyone abandoned ARRSE for Facebook?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Come on, chaps! Your REAL friends are here!

    Or is everyone* on hols or submerged?

    * Yeah, I know there is still some chatter but it's way down on the baiting and banter of olden times.
  2. Real soldiers are now on Facebook following the example set by Para Golden.
  3. I thought it was just going through one of it's dull phases, though I have to admit, this phase seems longer than most.
  4. Perhaps all the subjects have been covered?

    How many times does somebody start a thread, only to be told "You should have used the Search function - it's been discussed before."
  5. Maybe there's actually no TA any more. Everyone's just off getting to know their families, being promoted at work, etc.

    No one has been told because passage of info is, as per, shoyte.
  6. Maybe they've all gone off to join this One Army lark.
  7. *cough* Annual Camp season *uncough*
  8. aye agree here....been wondering same thing about boards past week or so
  9. Summer Challenge, anyone?

    Well, not me!
  10. Perhaps there's a secret forum where everyone else has gone and it's just us lost boys.

    Altogether now,...
  11. Is there a war on somewhere that nobody's told me about? There's that thing in the Sahel which is a bit hush-hush ...

    No! Don't tell me we've invaded France and somehow I was left off the invitation list!
  12. Its alright everyone, no need to panic- I'm still here
  13. Mainly for cadets
  14. You mean to tell me that all those bods who witter on (like puttees) about what the TA was like back before the interlude when the Russians stopped being our enemy for a while, 58 pattern webbing, the SLR, ten-man compo, small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts, etc., etc., are actually cadets?
  15. Sad to think that, as a member of the TA (i.e. not a cadet), I was still using 58 pattern webbing up until '97...