Has Dogmeat served

That’s the point. There was an air crew that wouldn’t let the dems boxes on.
That would have been easily dealt with. Should have spoken to the WO1 AT at the Ammo Compound.
If he's made you weep salty tears, that's good enough for me.
You make me weep salty tears of joy everytime I see your avatar, my 5 year old seen it one dayand called out its name and said he did not like it. How I laughed inside you sad cnut.
He was cunningly disguised as a large tin of Winalot on that balcony as a rather obtuse take on the Trojan horse, hence the name dogmeat
He is clearly the sort who wears TA service as a badge of honour when he goes to 12th of July marches. You know the sort, fat gut stretching a rangers top.
Well done, you’re a good little loyalist. I’d ruffle your hair if I could. Why don’t ban him for rule violations? Isn’t it a breech to follow members across boards stirring up bother?

I say you shine a light on the OP, investigate, expose and discredit his naked racism and pathetic walty claims.

I do belive the last time I was near a 12th of July march attending it for that reason was 1997, I have had reason to be near them a number of times since that but I was working, no interest in the orange order and yes I would prefer Rangers to win ahead of celtic but never owned a top. Have matchng Irish rugby tops for my son and I but there you go.
You are very naive in your idea about following members accross boards because that is the reason I called out dogmeat you stupid little cunt, he offers soundbites sometime witty but usually insulting or offensive but never contributes more than two sentences.
If said person actually contributed anymore than soundbites, insults and derogatory comments NO.
Put the bottle down and go to bed you drunken wretch.
There’s good and bad in everything and some, given a little authority, let it go to their heads and forget their manners. I had a Chinook loady break my ECM antennas, but then a Chinook picked me up when I was injured and was instrumental in saving my life. The thing is that it’s the negative tales that make the best dits.

I did find it strange that I could fly from Bastion to a task with a bag full of explosives, yet wasn’t allowed to when flying from Kandahar to Bastion, mine is not to reason why, but others will bitch like err little bitches.
I wondered about that too, flew to a place near the Iranian border with a mix of EOD QRH 2LI myself attached to 5GSMR. The engineers had a couple of big bergans full of PE and det cord and all thier magic on the chinook to blow up a weapons cache burried under a dirt road and I thought to myself if you had as much as a tin opener from the old rat packs from the 80's at Brize they would pull you on it.

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