Has Cuts been talking to my daughter?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fish-head, Dec 31, 2005.

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  1. I stuck on a spot of Balamory this morning for my daughter to watch. I had a bit of a decision to make since I love wanking over both Penny Pocket in her wheelchair and the fat grumpy bint in the shop, I couldn't do that in front of a child.

    So I stuck on the one with Josie Jump in it. As soon as I done so, daughter creature ups and leaves. Being a dutiful father I stuck on one with white people in, subdued my erection, and she returned.

    Should I be concerned about this? Maybe some re-education?
  2. You lying twot.

    Penny Pocket - AYE RIGHT!!!! :roll:

    You were knocking one out over PC Plum.
  3. I prefer Archie, he is fat and wears pink. He reminds me of you!
  4. Might be fat - but I have never worn pink.

    Batty boy.
  5. And you only ever see brown, never pink you gaelic gaylord.
  6. Hello Fuckers,

    You are in fact a bunch of cornbread cracker closet pouftas...

    I hope you all backshot each other..you bucha queers..

    Oooh - I forgot - WANKERS!!!

    Fuck YOU ALL :twisted:
  7. Hello and welcome. I like your use of coloquial Americanisms especially the "cornbread cracker" reference.
    Are you trying to infer you a black American? If so, do one you twinkie munching, Jerry Springer watching, car-jacking, gangsta rap loving cnut.

    Oh and if you are a white, English "youth" you're still a cnut.

    P.S Tell your mum to get out of the block please. Support company have finished with her now.
  8. Cnut
  9. Thank you for your most eloquent reply. In this day and age it is most gracious to see that these slang American terms (Bloody Yanks!) are well recognised as well as associated with black american rap culture. Or was it Samuel L. Jackson in "Shaft"? I feel that the jury is out on that one. I am sitting here musing over the sexual antics that members of this group could perform with a young woman whose legs don't function..again the jury is out. Anway I am delighted that my post produced such a spirited response. Unfortunatley you are all closet homosexuals.
  10. Slightly prejudiced towards the woman whos legs dont work. What if she wanted, eh? Have you thought of that? And yes, of course the jury is out, coz ther sick of lukin at your fcuking mangled face, tw*t.
  11. Careful with this one I think he/she/it is as mad as a bottle of crisps!
    amh10 if you keep going long enough the therapist will be able to help you come to terms with your mother/father abandonment issues.....

  12. Look she's obviously up for having her back doors kicked in, just one look at her and you can see she's a dirty slut.......

    You seem quite hung up on calling people homosexual, are you trying to hide something? It's ok, we don't mind if you are a closet pillow biter, it's allowed now and we really could do with a new punch bag because we've broken our old one................. :wink:
  13. Dude - please come to the crawl, i wanted to run 3 lanes in the shooting comp and only have two target holders..... you could finaly become "useful"


  14. tnuc.....