Has common sense just won for once?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by juicyfruity, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. Finally, now all we need is for the rest of the judges in this country to follow suit
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    There's either a hell of a lot more to this, or it'll all blow up in someone's face in the Court of Appeal.
  3. All sounds fair enough to me.
  4. So 'honkers' isn't rude...well f*cking hell.

    What if the term 'honker' was used in a way that was derogatory to their over all appearance because lets face it, they are a couple of honkers.

    but of course I would.
  5. Would someone mind pasting the story here? Bloody firewall won't show the Currant Bun because it classed as Forbidden Category "Intimate Apparel/Swimsuit"

  6. But the one on the left has a face like a smacked arrse!

    There has to be more to it than this, there have been a fair few rulings where women have received substantial payouts for less. But fair one to the judge, as I feel that if you are going to go around with your tits on display then someone is going to comment, or motor boat them!

    They're lucky that their Jap boss didn't ask for them to piss their knickers and let him sniff them!
  7. CITY execs who called breasts "honkers" and said women "belong at home cleaning floors" did not intend to cause offence, a tribunal ruled today.
    A case had been brought by two high-flying City women who claimed they had been forced out of their jobs by sexist and racist Japanese bosses.

    But Maureen Murphy, 30, and Anna Francis, 37, lost their £3million discrimination claim after a string of remarks were deemed "trivial" rather than offensive.

    Miss Murphy had told how one colleague said the key to cheating on your wife was "not getting caught".

    She also claimed no one was shocked to hear one client, Matt Farr, say to trader Melissa Holian at a meeting: "Oh, you don't have your honkers out today, I see."

    Miss Murphy — a senior analyst earning £55,000 a year — insisted she had been made redundant because she was "too outspoken and female".

    And Kiwi Miss Francis said that during a conference call with up to 1,000 people a colleague humiliated her by saying: "Don't listen to her. She is just a Kiwi."

    But Central London Employment Tribunal ruled against the pair.

    In its judgment, the panel said: "Dignity is not necessarily violated by things said or done which are trivial or transitory, particularly where it is clear that no offence was intended.

    "We find that these incidents and remarks were trivial, not intended to be offensive and Miss Murphy did not feel that her dignity had been violated at the time or that they had created an adverse environment for her."

    Miss Francis was a director with a salary of £250,000.

    Both worked for Lehman Brothers until Japanese bank Nomura took over their department when the US giant collapsed.

    Miss Murphy, who is half American and half German and of Islington, north London, also said her accent was "mocked through imitation".

    On another occasion she said she was chatting to a trader about hiring a cleaner when he said: "Well, you're a woman. That's where you belong at home cleaning the floors."

    The tribunal ruled Miss Murphy's boss "genuinely, and with good reason, thought that she was the weakest member of his team".
  8. Sexist and racist Japanese bosses. We need more of them :lol:
  9. About time some sense came in. 3 million quid for a few offhand comments? A friend of mine tripped over a trolley at work, knackered her ankle, had to have 2 metal pins inserted and it's doubtful if she'll see better than 10 grand. Is the legal system a joke, or what? Well done that judge.
  10. Tripped over a Trolley!"! your friend should have been watching were he/she was going!! how can the company be sued over your friends own negligence....sick pay should be compensation enough on this occasion!!