Has Chimpy been banned?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Zenno, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. When I click on his name to read his posts it says account suspended. It's a bit harsh if he's been banned cos he was funny.
  2. Agreed - a chimpy release poll is in order I think?
  3. May well have been funny, but not in here. Most posts were, however, bone trolling. He was warned off but clearly ignored it.

    Inf Mod
  4. So he wasn't a regular having some laughs then? Darn...
  5. Couldn't he just be arrseholed automatically?
    If he confined himself to the NAAFI bar it surely wouldn't be too much of a problem.
  6. If he had of been confined to the NAAfi or the hole, it wouldn't have been so bad, it was obviously an arrse member on a wind up anyway!
  7. Well, for all his WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHS he was quite funny - unlike the shaven chimp variety in the Oval Office!
  8. All of the above, granted. Hence threads moved to the NAAFI. They did not, however, belong here. A polite pm was sent and rodded off. I also believe it was a regular. No doubt therefore, a new incarnation will be back being satirical near you, hopefully with a fresh start, it wont end up in here being deleted / locked / moved.
  9. People will take the pi@@, he did, can only do what you gotta do.
  10. It's ok guys. Panic over. I'm back.

  11. excellent! :D
  12. gotta love those full stops!
  13. Please play nicely here, or take it to the NAAFI!
  14. OK mate. But I was going to post a thread discussing the inrtoduction of Space Marine Power Armour into the infantry so that we can tackle the threat of Aliens better.

    Is that ok, or is that strictly naafi bar material?
  15. now you`re breaking opsec. You think the Aliens don`t come on Arrse ?