Has Cameron Betrayed the Nation?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. The first priority of any British government is to provide adequate resources for the defence of the realm.

    David has basically sold us down the river regarding our defence Capability with his unrealistic politics since coming to power.

    It's also fair to say that the future looks bleak regarding the U.K's defence concerns of tomorrow.

    But he is willing to throw money at third world governments, most of which are corrupt!

    Can David's bizarre Political policy's be justified, let alone sustained, or will he have to make some major U turns in the near future?

    What do you think?
  2. Who's going to invade us?
  3. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Has someone threatened to cut the sprogs boarding school fees again???
  4. Well this shithead seems to have a hard on for the Russians so maybe after they've sorted out Syria they'll come for us.
    AF it would help if you actually made note of which policies you think are 'unrealistic'. You might also want to remember the £10 billion blackhole in the MOD that he inherited from Brown/Blair's cunning plan of buy now, pay twice as much later. He's cutting the military, would Labour or Liberal Democrats not have done so? If not where would they have got the money from? Cutting foreign aid (not likely, especially not the LibDems), cutting education or the NHS (that would go down well with the Left) or cutting benefits (again would make them as popular as kiddie fiddlers with their supporters).
    Personally I'd actually look to slightly increase the defence budget whilst making the NHS make do and mend on the billions it already has, would purge university funding so that only the top universities get a penny from the government and that no fuckwit with a three Es gets a loan to go and study Harry Potter for three years, ruthlessly culling benefits and binning foreign aid. But then again I'd be under no delusions about being promptly voted out of office at the next election as at least 51% of the British populace don't give a shit about defence.
  5. [​IMG]

    Phone home! ET phone home!
  6. Should have binned the human rights laws crap, insisted on keeping Bombardier train factory going, not bombed Libya, withdraw from the Afghan mess,not spunked our dosh on every African dictator, erm probably more feel free to add.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    he's a politician, they dont betray the nations they work for the empowerment of the people who dont know what they want so he employs speshul people to tell him what we should get.

    look at how the tea party are empowering the US people into unemployment and poverty. cameron has a lot to learn yet.

    hopefully some fundamentalist libyan numpties will take the PM hostage on his hols as an statement against brit and italian involvement with the regime change failure. However the SAS CTU cant get there because the rafs new planes havent arrived, the rest are broken or tied up taking the air chief marshall to his holiday home in cyprus, the rescue needs a navy exfil asset but the ships are busy being scrapped and the merlin wont be able to lift any weight cos its summer so the wife, kids and rescue forces would need to be left behind. meanwhile over in hereford its block leave with no cover as the rest are deployed.

    however COBRA have met, said lots of nice positive things and they reckon they can send a couple of ex paras PCSOs on easyjet to make a futile jesture of solidarity to die while not negotiating with terrorists. unless of course her dad can lend us the money. Meanwhile to ensure clegg cant get in as per his legal right, hague has moved in to number 10 and changed the locks, purely because the terrorists might have taken the PM set down to Mr Minit you understand.

    on a serious note the spending fiasco was bad and still is, the MOD knew they had messed up big time when they tried to hide a few extra billion in the iraq expenditure figures and Gordon (god bless him) wouldnt pay up.

    The govt/any govt should be capable of sorting it out but not the way they have with slashing units and projects which while late were on the verge of being capable or indeed still usefull. Govt of all sides should take the blame as much as the MOD because the politicians dont understand the defense business, how many defense jobs are actually taken up in their constituancies, how fcuking useless bae actually is despite 30 years of failed projects treating govt as a cash cow or the bitchiness of the defense chiefs (who would rather spend their budgets on crap than re-allocate any money to the other two to help pay for serious projects in one go rather than on the never never). they could then pay up front for stuff and if its not delivered or doesnt actually work then they have them by the balls and can take penalties any other business would expect to suffer. a few of those and BAE wont bother bidding so we can buy/lease cheaper stuff which works properly out of the box instead of every procurement we seem to want or need from DMS boots and SA80 to T45 and MR4.

    Its govts job to build a country and its services fit for its people and to the wishes of its people as its our money they spend, instead of vanity projects inspired by political interest groups. we want roads with tarmac on and train operators who wont charge us more for pissing us about not a high speed rail network with two stops or a bigger more powerfull EU which the common man had never felt a part of due to spending 200 years liberating them from the french and germans only to place europe into the hands of the french and germans.

    Nobody will look properly at where the money is really being wasted or why we cant seem to collect enough of it to paper over the cracks like we used to, govt were told that the nhs computer was too complicated and was never likely to work even before they spent 11 billion in it - what the betting the nhs wont have to find 11 billion of cuts to pay for it either.

    I've read a few bits here and there but has anyone done a full and proper expose of the way govt destroyed manufacturing to favor service industries, hedge funds and asset stripping venture capitalists, the same services who have turned around to show their undying gratitude by ruining the country then threatening to leave if they dont get their way?

    in a bad mood today, the vet messed up one of the kittens operations.
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  8. Balls.
    Lets look at the 2010 numbers. List of countries by military expenditures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    1 United States $698,105,000,000 (4.7% GDP)

    2 People's Republic of China $114,000,000,000 (2.2% GDP)

    3 France $61,285,000,000 (2.5% GDP)

    4 United Kingdom $57,424,000,000 (2.7% GDP)

    5 Russia $52,586,000,000 (4.3% GDP)

    Even with Cameron's cutbacks, we still place comfortably in the top 10 of militarised states in the world.

    The REAL question is- For our umpteen squillion in taxpayer's money, do we have forces that reflect what we've spent on them? I think not.

    What we HAVE got is an unbalanced military, with a few pieces of horribly overpriced top end hypertechnology, some (but not enough) respectable state of the art hardware, and some (literally) medieval bolt-ons. Just how many horses and cavalrymen does a 21st Century army need, for instance?

    More importantly, for the top end bits of kit-Just how much did we pay for them? Way too much. Did we get value for money? No. Did we, the taxpayers, get ripped off? Probably. Should some of these 'White Elephant' projects have ever got beyond the drawing board? No. Why did they get beyond the drawing board...Now there's an interesting question...

    Blaming Cameron for not continuing to throw money at a ruined structure is a bit like blaming Charles II for failing to throw a bucket of water on London as it burned. There's a point where even the best efforts won't stop the crash, but you can reduce the amount you lose in the disaster.

    If you seriously think that even raising our defence spending to the lunatic heights of Saudi (10% of GDP, and still only at No 9 in the hit parade) would address the mismanagement and inherited nightmares that Cameron had the courage to cancel, let alone the abortions that the last Government (and to be honest, even the Tories before them) left him, then I've got this Eiffel Tower going cheap, and for a small consideration, I'll let you take it off my hands.
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  9. Kittens? The bastard!
  10. HTI, I like your response, it makes much sense and covers things pretty well.

    But what I don't enjoy is having to have people such as yourself do the footslog to make sense of it all, this should be the politicians explaining their actions.
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  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No he hasnt, want an explanation?

    Ok when you join civ div and one day are unlucky enough to be out of work you will probably get a feel of the ******* mess CMD has inherited. Broon under Bliars control (allegedly) spunked away the pot of gold quite literally and bought everyones silence with Cs jobs and lots of yoof cebtre type public spending. Keeping the forces occupied by invading every country unable to put up a decent initial resistance is another dictators trick (1984 again). It also kept the generals happy for a while.
    CMD didnt get the party into office without having the looney fringe in tow, that causes some real problems, if that **** brown was still in we'd all be fucked.
    he is dealing with the outgoings bigger than the incomings problem no doubt as well as he can whilst tipping his hat to Tory policies and trying to keep the queers and thiefs (sorry limp dems) in line.
    Not a job I would take on under any circumstances, there is no huge fund to project UK power around the world, there hasnt been since Korea and it costs more now for a lot less, we are going to have to live with it!
  12. Thanks for the kind words, Mr D, but that is my job. The main problem I have is making such explanations, and presenting them TO politicians. Politicians say what they need to, just enough to get elected. Mastery of a subject usually escapes them. It's us Snivel Serpents who have to explain to Ministers just why that electoral promise they made is 1) illegal 2) dangerous 3) stupid or 4) Too expensive.

    Asking politicians to explain anything would normally see them scuttling back to their offices and commissioning an answer from their Civil Service staff. It's a rare Minister who knows enough about his Ministry to make an informed decision, especially this early in a Parliament.

    The sad fact is that for most of the NuLabour period, despite all the ongoing war fighting, the MoD was occupied by a really poor selection of Ministers, (Anyone remember Hoon? Ainsworth?) who either didn't understand (or found reasons not to understand) the horrific equipment procurement programmes they were supposed to be in control of.
  13. Yup and the health service is just as big a cock up.
  14. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sounds like a good plan. Save even more money on the Defence Budget as we clearly don't need a standing army.
  15. Well previous Tory administrations also slashed defense, buggered about pointlessly with the NHS and crashed the economy. These are all things he implied he'd not to do, but only a fool would have believed him and on the last one like the awful Brown he's hostage to external events.

    Dave's biggest liability is a weak overly ideological cabinet that lacks basic competence, but the party had been in the wilderness for over a decade and that may improve. He's mastering the U-Turn that Thatcher excelled at and has shown courage in dealing with the cranky Tory base. As a politician I'd rate him somewhere around the devious and far less likable Mr Tony, a man who similarly directed most of his energy towards in party power struggles.

    The only thing Dave's done that surprised me is back Sarko in the Libyan adventure, a Suez like move that was at least initially well supported by the population if not DC.

    A traitor, no.