Has Britain's Military Evolved into being Americas Sidekick ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. It would appear that today's UK Armed Forces is rather limited in it's remit regarding Any Solo Active Operations in the world without first needing US Forces back up on the ground and of course Washington's permission.

    The question is ... How the **** have we got ourselves into a position where we have to phone up Uncle Sam for his nod of approval before being allowed to embark on such missions ?

    Have we now become America's 51st State by stealth ?
  2. Americans will always put themselves first before any of it's allies if it ever came to the crunch!
  3. Which independent ops have we undertaken since Suez which we've needed Yank permission for?
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  4. Who are you, which service is your background, why do you hate the americans and why are you asking such a bone question? It's as bad as some of my threads for gods sake!
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  5. I thought it was just that Tony wanted to be bezzers with Dubya and so tagged along for a play in the sandpit.
  6. Everything from the First Gulf War of 1990-1 Onwards.

    The point being that we cant do **** all militarily today without the yanks being involved.
  7. Sierra Leone?

    Didn't we go into Bosnia before the Yanks wanted to get themselves involved?
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  8. Who are you ? .... A seasoned veteran (Rtd)

    Which service is your background ? ..... Army.

    Why do you hate the Americans ? ..... I never stated that i did if you read my OP correctly.

    Why are you asking such a bone question ? ..... I don't believe my question is "bone" I believe it to be a fact.

    Do you really think we could take it on ourselves for example to ....

    Launch Trident or any ballistic missile at another country, Intervene in Syria or the current Israeli crisis or anywhere that oil is at stake for that matter without first heavy consultation and or involvement from Washington ?
  9. I agree that HM Forces have been far too reliant on the US in recent times.

    However, any situation where the UK finds itself needing to launch Trident independent of joint NATO action is hardly realistic.

    Also, Why does the UK even need an independent capability to carryout interventions in the likes of Syria or Israel?
    Personally I'm strongly against the UK embroiling itself in any further "wars of choice" whether they're instigated by the US or independent in nature.
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  10. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    [h=2]Has Britain's Military Evolved into being Americas Sidekick ?[/h]
    I presume loss of Empire, the rise of other world powers and gross indebtedness after two world wars may have passed you by.
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  11. The day FDR won the American election we were doomed yes the yanks helped and I stress helped to defeat Hitler and the nice chaps from Japan but what was their real agenda my personal opinion is that they wanted rid of our Empire and make us so dependant on them for anything and every thing before the yanks start to chip in I have sod all against yanks one literally saved my life in Iraq top man.
    We should have opened our eyes when Suez kicked off and the yanks said no do not be naughty boys and go home.
    That was the day our Empire passed in to history and the forces started the long painfull road to oblivion .
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  12. TBH I don't see us as US lapdogs, We have been captured by enemy activists all by our selves without US help and we have stayed behind sorting countries out after the US military might has screwed things up so much even the ones we have saved hate all soldiers. Until we prove otherwise.
    Americans hate us for our old Empire, yet they seem to be trying to build their own Empire and use their believed right to dictate rule to all.
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  13. Suez?

    try 1945-Labour-Clement Atlee-Indian Independence
  14. Think of this nightmare scenario then .....

    Argentina retakes the Falklands, Britain says we are coming to liberate you once again, but this time Washington says "Don't do it David"

    Do you think that David Cameron would tell Obama to go screw himself at the expense of severing all so called "special relationship" with the US ?

    Now then, there is supposed to be a considerable amount of new found deep sea oil around this area, so what would stop Argentina making a special deal for protection with gas guzzling America in return for cheap oil if Argentina ever got it's hands on it ?