Has Britain lost moral high ground?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jun 26, 2009.

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  1. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/16da5c0a-627f-11de-b1c9-00144feabdc0.html

  2. I'm getting pelters from friends and relatives in China, particularly every time that twat Milliband opens his mouth.

    Jesus, but it's hard when your country can't even hold itself higher in terms of political accountability and integrity than the People's Republic.
  3. Thanks a lot Guv....Mr B'Liar and Mr Bruin-McRuin and Pals. After 11 or more of New Liarbore spin, blatant lies, obfuscation, incompetence, numptyness et al, its hardly wonder the UK is seen as a joke, or the 'Sick Man of Europe'.

    Whether a Conservative Government will do any better will be beleived when this happens. As far as New Labor, they might be different from Old Labour, but the same traits of Class Envy, distrust of tradional institutions, dislike of tradition all seems to be the hall-marks of farouked-up political thinking.

    Delusions of grandeur seem to be the order of the day..... beleiving their own lies and propaganda are the hall-marks of a government on the way out. It will take years to roll back the bullsh1te propagated by New Labour.... But then the Wise and Arrsers already know this. It would be like preaching to the already converted. Its just trying to convince all the Mungs out there in civvie street that Pa Cyclops Broone and Pals are not the people we need running the country. :lol:

    So .... Election Now.....
  4. Has Britain lost moral high ground?

    We ever held it?!?
  5. Err... do you mean since Suez, the opium wars, or Elizabethan piracy???

    Amoral ground is very much our territory and we will defend it to the last Gurkha.
  6. Yep, those fcukos who mince around as MPs have lost us a lot of height.

    As have the directors of the BBC according ot todays papers...

    But what exactly are you on about alib?
  7. yes the labour party has been caught with its fingers in the till, so have the others but even now they cannot be accused f something even approaching Katyn

    Over to you for the vantage point from your moral high ground.
  8. Katyn? It happened almost 70 years ago. Equally you could recall My Lai, the Holocaust, colnial wasr, the Slavery, the terror during the Great French revolution.

    But how it is related to the Current events?

    Corrupted Russian rulers have not lost high moral ground just becaus it is impossible to lose something that you have not.
  9. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Damn you with your historical reality :D
  10. I echo the sentiments above...... It's been a fair while sincewe ever held it. The current decline in standards, probity, morals and respect can be traced directly back to the Lord Randy Mandy of Rio's well orchestrated coup in 1997. This shower of ignorant dishonest charletons, the Labour Party, have done for this bloody country.
    Even fcuking Mugabe's laughing at us now.
  11. My bold.
    He has some justification unfortunatly
  12. Quite easy for the PRC to claim the highground when any paper in China trying to 'do a Telegraph' on the senior CCP leadership would find itself liquidated and its staff being 're-educated'.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    or found in a field, under a tree, having [been] suicided after a long character assassination and smear process in the national press, after unofficial briefings by persons close to the PM.
  14. If it had happened in China, we wouldn't even be allowed to talk about it - you wouldn't even be able to get to Kelly's wikipedia entry.
  15. What he said! In this neck of the woods the local spelling for politician is korupcija :twisted:

    However the locals are genuinely sad that we have sunk to the current level - they always imagined the UK to be a bit above this sort of thing.

    Edited once to add - my Russian colleague is very much on the KGB Rezident line - he fondly describes the rulers of his homeland in terms that would allow him to become a fully fledged arrser on placing his first post. :D