Has Britain gone mad, why apologize to an Islamist

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by Afghan_Kandak, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. British envoy offers olive branch to torture victim

    Abdelhakim Belhaj was delivered into the hands of Gaddafi forces with help from British intelligence, then subsequently tortured

    A day after arriving in Tripoli to re-establish a diplomatic mission there, Britain's new envoy to Libya said yesterday that he would meet Abdelhakim Belhaj, the Libyan rebel leader who told The Independent that MI6 knew he was being tortured and did nothing to stop it.

    Dominic Asquith, who has come to Libya after diplomatic postings in Egypt and Iraq, also defended the tone of British government exchanges with the Libyan authorities at a time when the Gaddafi regime was routinely torturing dissidents. "There is often an exchange between the two sides," he told the BBC. "That's what you'd expect. We do that with many governments in the world who we don't necessarily like.

    He declined to say whether he would apologise to Mr Belhaj for Britain's apparent role in his treatment, as Mr Belhaj has demanded. Evidence that Britain played a key role in the rendition of Mr Belhaj, delivering him into the hands of the Gaddafi regime to spend six years in solitary confinement, was revealed after The Independent viewed a cache of secret documents at the offices of the fled Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa last Friday.

    Mr Belhaj's emergence as a key rebel leader in Tripoli, where he is in charge of the city's Military Council, presents a problem for the British Government that has in general enjoyed a warm relationship with Libya's Transitional National Council. As well as demanding an apology for Britain's role in his treatment, he has threatened to sue both the British and US governments.

    Mr Belhaj is a former head of the Libyan Islamist Fighting Group, which was at one time associated with al-Qa'ida. He had applied for asylum in the UK after being arrested in Malaysia as a suspect in the "war on terror" – but was re-arrested by CIA officers en route to the UK and ultimately delivered to the Gaddafi regime.

    Britain is not the only foreign country to have its dealings with Libya complicated by the discovery of secret documents in Tripoli. After evidence emerged that the Gaddafi regime had negotiated with Chinese state-backed arms companies as the conflict was in full swing and despite a UN embargo on such transactions, the Chinese government yesterday said that it would recognise the TNC as the legitimate council "when conditions are ripe" without spelling out what those conditions would be. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman refused to say whether the TNC had pressed Beijing for an explanation of the evidence.

    British envoy offers olive branch to torture victim - Africa, World - The Independent
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why apologize to him?

    He's sitting on all that oil for starters.
    Plus we apologize to any ****** these days.

    No doubt you'll recieve a full apology and £2 million because someone pretended to be you for a while.
  3. This terrorist/Islamist, who most probably killed Afghan/Russian soldiers during his time fighting against the Soviets.

    Also, something to note, why do all these Islamic Islamist Arab Nationalist Khalifat supporters seem to always claim asylum to a Non-Muslim countries, especially Britain, I remmeber in High school, there were many Libyan kids inChorlton, Manchester, and they all came from fathers who were expelled/hated Islamic Clerics.

    He had applied for asylum in the UK after being arrested in Malaysia as a suspect in the "war on terror"

    What is this romantic relationship between the West and Religionist Islamist bigots?
  4. you have hit the nail on the head there my freind
  6. Well if he did fight the Russians on our behalf, thank you for your war service mate. Yesterday's friend is not necessarily today's guest however. There is a a saying, "Kill with a borrowed sword".

    Those who do come here may well be disappointed to find the days of "Londonistan" (if such a thing existed) are long gone. That mindset expired by 0900hrs on 7/7/2005.

    As to the relationship between the West and Islam (and indeed Islamists)? If you ask the question, you may not have been paying attention.

    The papers give details of how No 10 insisted that the 2004 meeting between Blair and Gaddafi took place in his bedouin tent, with a letter from an MI6 official saying: "I don't know why the English are fascinated by tents. The plain fact is that the journalists would love it."

    Secret Libyan files claim MI6 and the CIA aided human rights violations | World news | The Observer

    From the British empire's explorers, our men on Secret Service East of Constantinople to the likes of TE Lawrence, Gertrude Bell and Wilfred Thesiger; the desert has long held (and still has) a pull for this country.

    By the way, I wouldn't put a picture of a "head and shoulders" next to your name. You may find it being used as the new Figure 14c, since you are not terribly well liked by some!
  7. Edit due to stupidity.
  8. I resemble that remark but I digress. How many times were we as children made to say 'sorry' and didn't mean it (or as adults to our other halfs just to keep the piece!)?

    So some bloke is going to have to take one for the team and bezzie up to someone who UK PLC had put on the naughty step a while back. It's a non-story, and it only matters to people who have pride and principle where their country is concerned, both of which are lacking in the political classes and totally devoid when 'oil' and 'rebuild' are on the table!

    Great training area for dersert amoured warfare. I can see a 'Mohammed's Kebabs' clapped out transit being the 'Wolfgangs' round the camp fires of the oasis...!
  9. Politics and diplomacy on a world scale and huge oil reserves. Anything is possible and achievable!

    Barring the fact that this guy is where he is partly because of NATO aircraft including some of the RAF have been providing vital air cover to stop Gaddafi's fighter planes and helicopters killing them and allegedly, some of "them" have been giving a helping hand on the ground tactics wise, should we be apologising to him?

    Why don't we just tell him to not be so cheeky and mind his P's and Q's and then we can watch while the Chinese or the Russians or whoever wants to say sorry on our behalf trot over there and load him up with lots of goodies in return for all that lovely oil and a significant influential role in a major oil producing region.

    Or, we can just get on with doing what's best for us! If that means he has to get an apology, the day's of gunboat diplomacy are long gone, tell him we are sorry. I'm not sorry really and most on this forum won't really be sorry and I'm sure even the diplomat who has to utter the words to him telling him we are sorry won't really mean it but who cares!
  10. Do they have pies in Libya, I mean proper ones, not that deep fried grey pulp filled filthy muck the jocks eat, y' know proper pies........?
  11. Never had a goat pie. It could be the new kebab!
  12. I think we should apologise.

    We should write 'We're sorry' thousands of times on postcards to be hand delivered by all the unemployed foreign nationals sponging here, and we should prove how sorry we are by allowing the Libyan Gov to keep the whole ****ing lot forever.
  13. After the spectacle of Mr Tony groveling on BP's behalf to Qaddafi, a tinpot dictator we knew to be responsible for the deaths of a fair few British citizens and whose Semtex is still killing them, I think a little kiss and make up with this beard is relatively respectable.

    I really don't care if folk from Darna have been running about al-Anbar in the recent past. It only took us a few years to start working with former Nazis who had bombed the bejesus out of us and devastated much of europe. For God sake the Septics fought that war, lost a couple of hundred thousand men and then implemented the Marshall Plan and Germany is now by far the most important country in europe. They US is now practically allied with Japan, China and Vietnam who they fought brutal wars with in living memory.

    We want that sweet crude. We have invested a large wad in some sort of new regime in Libya, the Islamists are likely to be part of that, we need them onside not least because we don't want them producing a version of Algeria's dark decade in Libya. This is how the world works, there is nothing specially malign about Islamists, they are just another bunch of reactionaries and subverting them into a nationalist direction may even be a sensible move terrorism wise.

    Having assisted Qaddafi in "policing" disent after trying to use LIFG to whack the old bugger in the 90s is rather embarrassing. Gongs, tea with Dave in No 10 and a bunk up with a minor royal might be in order.
  14. I agree but I don't trust the Islamists.

    Any form fanaticism is dangerous, but one that says you can't eat bacon seems very unhinged to me.