Has Australia turned into a shithole?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bushmills, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Loved the place in the early 90's when I arrived; cheap steaks, V8 cars, mateship, pub culture, topless beaches, great weather, good wages.

    How has this place turned so shit so fast?
  2. Which bit of Australia?
    We were in Perth over Xmas and found it to be friendly, the people were great, big muscle cars and bikes in Fremantle. I found that beers were expensive, everything else though was excellent.
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  3. What is this 'turned' of which you speak, white man?
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  4. Aussies discovered air travel and left. Others discovered Australia as a destination and replaced them.

    I've got a few Aussie mates & acquaintances in the US. All of them fairly recent immigrants.
  5. Which bit do you live in?
  6. Earls Court?
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  7. I presume you are referring to the Q A debacle :mrgreen:
  8. I remember when all this were fields...........! You ******* old bastard!
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  9. s
    Just spoke to a mate this morning who has a successful business in S.A. He is Italian by birth but went to SA as a kid in 1960.

    With S.A. going down he pan he has in Jan relocated to Perth. He spends two weeks there and two back in S.A. His Mrs stays thee. (worst thing for her is she had a full time cleaner, garden boy and others in SA)

    He compares Perth to S.A. in the 1970is, No or low crime, you can lave you house door unlocked etc.

    Maybe if your from the UK you rose tinted specks have lost their magic.
  10. Yeah. c/o The Prince of Teck.
  11. He has been drinking again.
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  12. Blackbird or Courtfields.
  13. The place probably hasn't changed, you've got older, more demanding and considerably more miserable.

    To avoid the downward spiral, kill yourself now
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  14. Perth is OK if you're happily married or partnered up, if you're single then it's a complete sausage fest (due to young miners on six figure sums), albeit a very low violence one. There are more fights in my valleys hometown over a single six nations weekend than the 9 months I was in Perth.

    That being said, there was a lot to be said for a morning commute on an efficient and pleasant train service, 27 degree dry heat by 10:30 in the morning, work and general prosperity everywhere.
  15. Na, it's truly shite, the economy's fucked.

    Spent most of last year on the dole and am now back at work, on a contract, on the same hourly rate that I was on in 2006.

    All the work in my field has been outsourced to Manilla or Bombay or is done by immigrants from India or China who entered the country as overseas students, obtained dodgy degrees ( was lecturing in one of the Uni's here in the 90's and you weren't allowed to fail an overseas student), and remained in the country to undercut local labour.

    My kid and his mum are in Darwin(2000 miles away) as she's got a tenured job in the Uni there but there's no work for me up there which means that I've only seen my boy twice in the last year.

    I'm in Sydney and it may as well be Bombay or Jakarta as the place has been taken over by Hajjiis.

    At the same time, I'm paying $900 per week in tax, $35 for a packet of smokes and you can't rent an apartment in Sydney for less than $600 per week. Beer's $10 a pint, the telly' scrap and it's $6 for a kilo of tomatoes.

    Place is a shithole and the ***** running it ought to be shot.
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