Has Army resettlement improved in 20 years?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Twenty years ago my experience was a desk warrior of a Wing Commander stationed in Carlisle offering me a job as a doorman. (So that's where Crab Air go to die!) Needless to say I told him to stuff his job offer!

    Have things improved today?
  2. Mine was non-existent (mid nineties). I was apparently only suited to be a brickie or rentacop. Feckin useless.

    If they'd even given some advice on where to get training or qualifications, that would have been an improvement.
  3. I did mine in 1999 - 2000. It was excellent, Coutts were running it and giving quite useful advice.
  4. Did mine 1980 and although it was absolutely no use whatsoever in getting a new job the House Maintenance Course was very useful and saved me a packet when it came to doing up my house including rewiring it, replumbing it and all the carpentry, brickying and plastering. I believe the system has improved greatly since then but I stand to be corrected.
  5. I done a 3 day CV course in Germany with Coutts in 1994, fkn good course. I did my resettlement training in Aldershot and can't fault the enthusiasm of the instructors. In fact I done several courses over the 6 month period.

    I was attached to a Royal Anglian TA unit in Lincoln and the Capt there was ex RSM in a Guards unit and he was a gem of a bloke. Can't knock any of my resettlement.

    B_T :D
  6. I remember the man and the seedy little office up two flights of stairs. He was compeltely clueless and clearly had never tried to do the job he was being paid to do.
    BUT I don't recall the office being a part of the resettlement process. It was more for finding work after resettlement and discharge.
  7. I can start mine next year when im into my last two years (will be on Herrick at the time though) and have heard different responses to people who have started theres. To my mind though any advice they can offer me will be gladly accepted and filtered as neccessary. It is getting a bit scary now though and have lots of good quals, Driving licences and trade related certificates (NVQ management etc) but still not too sure what I want to do when I get out. For he ones who have got out

    1.how long before endex did you know what you wanted to do?

    2.Did your course you did help you, or have you never used the skills gained on the course ?

    3.Was you given the time by your bosses to complete it all?

  8. Answers to your Qs 1- about a year. Q2 - not used. Q3 - Yep.

    B_T. :D
  9. mine was a complete waste of time, plumbing course in catterick (family in the shot)
  10. Career Transition Workshop in Tidworth was run by a consultant who was absolutely brilliant, positive and inspired people on course to go out and try for jobs they wouldn't otherwise have dreamt of.
    Contrast that with the utterly useless RO Resettlement Officer in Germany. Constantly gave grave warnings about how hard it was to get jobs, importance of lowering your wage expectations and what a better idea it would be to withdraw notice. She also needed at least a week's notice before any meeting/interview and would only accept paperwork if it had come through the post. Not much chance of getting a vacancy on a course at short notice there.

    Staff at RRC were also helpful despite an overly rigid set of rules to work to. Despite being entitled to use RRCs after discharge have you ever tried to get access once you have handed in your MoD90?

    MCM Div and CoC were generally apathetic and reluctant to make any allowance unless forced to. I was heartily sick of hearing the phrase "it's a priveledge not an entitlement" even when it clearly was an entitlement.

    So - all in all those bits under direct control of Army are prettty poor, which is a disgrace really- people deserve the best once they have done their time. I hate to think what it was like for JNCOs who cannot so easily argue back.
  11. I'm not leaving until 2011 but I've started my resettlement ...unofficially. I know what area I wish to work in and am using my Enhanced Learning Credits to fund a degree with the OU which should, hopefully, be completed by the time I leave.
  12. There were a couple of lads on my CTW who were obviously panicking a bit about the prospects of becoming a civvy. It just couldn't happen fast enough for me. I grew to hate my last unit so much that all I wanted to do in my last 12 months was wipe out my entire RHQ with a bread knife and a broken Irn Bru bottle. Had I still been serving with the same c*nts today, I'd more than likely have been inspired by the events at Glasgow airport and done the Jihadi Jock in the blazing Wolf through the front doors and into the 2ICs office, but knowing my luck, the fat b*stard would have probably been out golfing.

    Anyway, the people who ran the workshop were well on side and very helpful where they could be. I told them that if I didn't get the job I was after, I'd grow long hair, breed nits and become a student (which I did). The lass who was my agent/reporting officer/representative/whatever you call them, kept in touch with me up until I donned the afghan coat and open toed sandals. I love University, it's calmed me down a lot.
  13. I left in 1996. The resettlement officer was excellent and gave great advice regarding CVs, best job adverts, agencies to contact etc. He also got me on a computer skills course (just to give me some civvy quals) at Plymouth Uni. He was also full of great advice like getting all your dental work done before leaving (when you leave, you'll have a shock when your first dental bill comes in).
    When I left, I went to a private company who claimed they could prepare anyone for a change of career. They did the exact same thing the RO did (less the dental advice) and wanted to charge £2500 without even the promise of a job at the end of it. The Jobcentre were a load of to55ers whose advice was worth less than a NAAFI cowboy after 10 pints.
    The RO also advised me to cut out everything military from my CV and job applications. This advice in itself was worth its weight in gold.
    Looks like it all depends on which RO you get.
  14. Can I advise anyone getting out soon to do the Coutts CV course. Every CV I've done I've been commented on how professional it is and who done it for me. I've still got the folder and its priceless. The course is run by civvies but geared in the right direction. The instructor we had bent over backwards to help guys out and even put some in touch with future employees. The course is about 2.5 days. done mine in Rheindalen.

  15. I have no idea whether Resettlement is better now than X years ago, The one piece of advice I will give is to start preparing as early as you possibly can. It took 6 months for my security clearance dossier to be completed for what I was going to do and it was frustrating to kick my heels for that long. Remember when you leave you are 'Ex' and a case of "Sgt Maj [insert rank here] Who?"