Has anyone worked with the Paras?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by julietbravo, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Has any of you worked with the Paras? I hear it's terrible. Have you found this?

    J. Bravo
  2. Absolutely, they dress in womens clothing, I mean they go to war carrying ladies clothing in their bergans.........no, sorry that was the Marines......the Paras would shaag you if you dressed as a woman :wink:
  3. You sound worried, but then again you should be. They eat 'hats' like you for breakfast.

    Truthfully I have and there is a stigma around them that just isnt true. I have many para and para trained mates. Proud of what they are, maybe rowdy at times but nothing wrong with that, just like most really.

    Mind you, if you are a fat lazy bast**d then you wont fit in, but then again you wouldnt in most places.
  4. Good bunch of lads, only down side was being locked in an MFO box for 4 hrs a day, oh and keep away form the mortars plt :lol:
  5. How come you got away with only 4 hours? Oh, and mortar platoon, I still have the stretch marks off a broom shank but they did show me how to drink vomit, beer wasting is a crime.
  6. I am still using man tampex :lol:
  7. I had considerable oficial dealings with Para bn guys. Red beret wearers in my day were nothing like the 'real' para. My experience was that they responded to sensible treatment - if you got on their wrong side; go home and play with teddy as you would get zilch from them. In NI 70-72 we were much closer to them in their war'y role. We had a truce where they agreed not to fcuk us about on IS matters but could play whatever games they wanted if it was a normal crime matter. We worked together on numerous wide scale search operations and when they provided men in black for the Met police CID team in NI, CO 1 Para - name was a colour - made sure I had a para bodyguard when I was on the streets with them but whether this was to help or watch me I never worked out. They are different to other infantry but if you can work with this, I found them excellent guys. And, no, I didn't have a boy-friend amongst them before anyone suggests it!!
  9. Just run very very quickly if anyone pulls out a Bungie!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Bunch of d1cks. Worked with them in Northern Ireland and they were more trouble than they were worth. I was doing comms at the time and they were a nightmare to work with. No ability to sort out their own comms kit or do any basic fault finding. Thick as pigsh1t.

    I seem to remember they came to Fort Blockhouse a few years ago to play rugby against a bunch of nurses and medics and went away with a bloody nose. Great at carrying heavy things etc, puffs on the rugby field.
  11. Para Regt or Para trained?
    Regt are ok in ones and twos, will instantly turn on you if a couple more of their mates turn up.
    Para trained, think of themselves as elite but are looked down on by the Para Regt. Some turn into fish out of water when posted to another unit, major panic stations.
  12. Working with Paras? .... far far far better than working with meds!!!

    34 Fd Hosp? f*ckin nightmare.... worst 3 years outta a good 22yrs I ever had! Spent more time defending me guys than keeping the kit on the road!

    Extras for the sake of extras (and for being 'attached arms'), made up charges (you know who you are - c*nt! no names on here, but good job I kept notes and was sober... funny how that one got thrown right out the window when I got the note book out!).

    Amazing how a guy can come back off a 4 month Kosovo tour (3 days notice to go for the whole section BTW and the unit knew about it for weeks, just couldnt be arssed to tell us) get off the plane and go straight onto day on/day off christmas block guard!!! 8O w*nkers.

    To be fair, credit where credit is due the Field Amb we were attached to in Kosovo were great! fine bunch of fellas and girlies with reasonable managment. 8)

    Troops in 34 were ok guys, they were sh*t on as well, but the management? 90% of em total tubes.... 'management by AF 252....tossers' Closest I ever felt to being bullied in 22 years and RE Full Screws DONT get bullied!!! QM was good though, but then he was ex loggie.

    Yep, by now those of you 'ex 34's know who I am and where I'm coming from.... funny how we were sooooo popular when it came to making stuff for the mess or that w/end duty no one wanted...

    Rant not even got into second gear yet!!!!! :twisted:
  13. I feel sorry with you for being with 34, I take that it was recent :?:

    A few people have changed there recently, seems to be improving.....couldn't get any worse :wink:
  14. RED ON !

    Now now girls be nice to Pawatwoopers or I'll come round and wee in your tea !

    To be honest despite proudly wearing the BBC and having been "airborne" of sorts sinc the eighties I dont find any great offence in any of the above comments. The whole maroon machine thing can get a bit tedious, but so can working with the Guards or the bloody Royal Anglians (The Poachers...theivin Gypsy bstards more like !) or the poxy navy ! for that matter.

    Fish out of water. Yep I feel like that. Having previously served in a motivated dedicated professional and mostly happy organisation. Right out of water here !
  15. oops double posty here. Comes of being dropped on me head/arse/elbows out of one of the Royal Hair Forces crates, probably in the wrong place. :)