Has anyone smashed Anna Chapman?

This looks to me very like a Regy belt. Please can someone tell us the story behind it and whether or not they nailed the now-famous Russian spy.

Any photos are a very big plus.


Does it say something about my professionalism that, on finding this picture, I at no point considered the issue of a security risk? Was far more interested in what may have taken place for her to end up with said belt.

I think I'd be a ridiculously easy honey trap victim.


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To be honest, not many would have slipped her one. By all accounts, she was attracted to Big ego's/heads and power. Sounds like an Instructor Shagger to me. Maybe we should do a poll of the RLC TA women.
Looks like a Yorkshire Regt one to me? If so, I suspect she is rather soiled goods!
I havn't but would like to. Is she cheap?

I have a problem being coherent during the sex thing. After I shoot my load I go to sleep.

I think I would make a good anti "honey trap" are there any openings?
WRAC I guess... she's a lezzer... oh well...
yeah she'd definately get it. strikes me as the kinda bitch that would wait til you go to sleep and tie you up though. and then maybe start beating you. :) a nice one off adventure i suppose.
I lurrrrve her ... well, I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't.

She has a certain "something" ... OMG, like Amanda Knox. Am I suicidal?

Gizza Kleenex, Nurse. ;)
She must have been a good shag to get a stable belt.
The most I ever awarded in the way of leg over trophys was a cap badge.
Aren't red and green the Gucci colours that the Woofers used to wear as a belt? Or were the colours the other way around? She'll be getting it from a couple of lady wardens in the Lubyanka prison right now!

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