Has anyone smashed Anna Chapman?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IffleyRoad, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. This looks to me very like a Regy belt. Please can someone tell us the story behind it and whether or not they nailed the now-famous Russian spy.

    Any photos are a very big plus.

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  2. deffo looks like a regt stable no idea which one though, but to answer your question yes i fecking would smash her :)
  3. That's where it went to. Still I stole her pants so fair is fair.
  4. Does it say something about my professionalism that, on finding this picture, I at no point considered the issue of a security risk? Was far more interested in what may have taken place for her to end up with said belt.

    I think I'd be a ridiculously easy honey trap victim.
  5. me nuts titen every time i see her
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    To be honest, not many would have slipped her one. By all accounts, she was attracted to Big ego's/heads and power. Sounds like an Instructor Shagger to me. Maybe we should do a poll of the RLC TA women.
  7. Looks like a Yorkshire Regt one to me? If so, I suspect she is rather soiled goods!
  8. Car boot sale in Leningrad?
  9. It's close but I can't make out the black stripe. If I thought it was Yorkshire regt, I'd pay the CSMs to send any soldier who had gone diffy his belt to come and explain.

  10. you working for the D.V.A?

  11. I'm not but given that I've never met a squaddie who can resist telling people after smashing someone they shouldn't, it would probably be a very good leak finding tactic.
  12. Kings Regt maybe
  13. I havn't but would like to. Is she cheap?

    I have a problem being coherent during the sex thing. After I shoot my load I go to sleep.

    I think I would make a good anti "honey trap" are there any openings?
  14. WRAC I guess... she's a lezzer... oh well...