Has anyone served with QRL?

Discussion in 'REME' started by websters, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. Basically as the title say's; has anyone served with the QRL?

    And if so what are they like to work with etc?
  2. I spent nearly three years with them and they were fantastic to serve with. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and they weren't one of these Regiments that were "them and us." All the attached arms that I spoke with enjoyed it.

    Just don't call their skull and crossbones a capbadge. They get a tad upset!
  3. I served with both of the predecessors of this Regt, both looked after their attached Arms

    For the wind up, ask them what the "Motto" is called on their 1157. Always good for a laugh

  4. What is it then, if it isn't a capbadge?
  5. A Motto! Top Bunch

  6. Served with them 1997-2001, best Regt I've ever been posted to. They treat you as if your 1 of them, no them/us. Brilliant blokes, I'd go back tomorrow if I could.
  7. Served with them in Os 95 - 96 ... top unit. Made the LAD feel part of their own
  8. I was with these lads when they first rocked up in Osnabruck to replace 4 RTR. Awesome unit to serve with, the phrase "work hard, play hard" could have been coined for C Squadron. Everyone I've spoken to agrees that they were one of the best postings available.
  9. Bollox! It's a fcuking Capbadge.
  10. i wont partake in your games, but if your into recce work then go for it, the lads are mad for it, well most of the time
  11. THanks for all advice
  12. Got to agree with the majority here, best regiment out there, served 9 yrs on and off with them, and tried to transfer a couple of times, would of loved to have stayed for the rest of my career with them if i could of done.
  13. Daddy guns, how come a member of the REME band spent 9 years with QRL?

    I have to agree with everybody and that is QRL are one of the best units out there.