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Has anyone seen Warren?

Aha, I wonder when I would finally get to see him. He has a history of invading discussion boards, including some learned legal sites, including the Bar Council who threw him off their discussion board. He trolls using a number of different aliases. He is a sociopath and like many of them, he is highly articulate and intelligent in his written communication skills but completely incapable of rational debate when confronted with irrebuttable evidence.

It would be a mistake to underestimate him based upon an incoherent rant which is designed to elicit a response. He can be far more subtle!

Others, myself included, have crossed swords with him before on his views of the military whom he describes as 'mere MOD employees' as well as a host of other subjects. His father is a former member of the RAF. He suffered severe racial abuse as a child. He has very much of a racial chip on his shoulder and this is very much of a 'pressure point' with him. He is both homophobic and misogynistic. He is a former undergraduate and now works in IT.

He craves attention, especially negative attention and although he has his weaknesses, it is not advisable to respond or to communicate with him in any way.

I do not anticipate that he will survive into old age!
Well what a interesting chap. How misinformed and brainwashed he is.
It is amazing how far people will go to provoke a response, and to keep on thinking their opinion is correct.
Though i have never been to aformentioned country's, i know that rape and murder wouldnt happen. Soldiers are well discplined, so it is unproffesional to show such misconduct.
He can carry on preaching his hate, because he is not the type of bloke to walk around on the street preaching his views. Look at him, he wouldnt last 3 seconds in a fight, and his debate can be picked apart with ease.


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