Has anyone seen JC?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hallveg, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. It may have been done before and if so....I really dont care.

    Do you know that song?

    It starts;

    "Six foot two eye's of blue, has anybody seen JC,JCJCJC, not since easter monday, riding on a donkey has anybody seen JC"

    It has lots of verses and I would like to know them as I got drunk at a family thing the other day and decided to sing it but realised I could only remember one verse, which I sang over and over due to the alcomahol.

    So, add your verses please.
  2. A classic rugby song, I know too many versus to count. IMHO one of the most boring rugby songs though.
  3. well that ends this thread, cheers Gooney

    Anybody Seen J C ?
    Has anybody seen J C
    J C, J C, J C, J C.
    Not since Easter Monday,
    Riding on a Donkey.
    Has anybody seen J C
    J C, J C, J C, J C

    Virgin born, head of thorn
    Resurrects the dead at dawn

    That J C, he’s devine
    Changes water into wine.

    Virgin Mary, She’s the most
    She’s been fuck by the Hole Ghost

    Cleans up temples it is said
    Raises spastics from their bed

    J C, He’s so cool
    Boogies across my swimming pool

    Took three loaves and five fish
    Feed five thousand piece of piss

    Lots of songs, raises cheers,
    In the charts two thousand years

    Holes in hands, Holes in Feet,
    Carries his cross down the street,

    Holy Ghost, He’s the most,
    Gets them pissed on wine and toast,

    Banished fear and gave us hope,
    Went one better than the Pope,

    Love he gave, faith he took,
    Still the Worlds best selling book,

    Save our souls, fun we poke,
    Sorry God its just a joke.

    J C stands five foot nine,
    Plays scrum half for Palestine.

    Arms out wide, feet are tied,
    It’s hard to boogie when your crucified.
  4. there are many more versus :)
  5. I ain't seen JC but I did get abducted by aliens when running on Cannock Chase. I still have the anal probe
  6. Lets here (read) them then
  7. Holes in feet, Holes in hands,
    He has troubles, holding sand.
  8. onWho's JC?
  9. Jesus Christ, mate of mine
    Plays left back for Palestine.

    Pontious Pilate he's the boss.
    "Get back on that Fcuking cross!"

    Always good, he never lied,
    the stupid cnut was crucified.
  10. he's so good
    he's so fine

    plays number nine for palestine

    has anybody seen JC ?