Has Anyone Seen Dave, the Banker?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Feb 22, 2010.

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  1. Apparently Dave hasn't heard about the great bank selloff the Tories are planning if they get into power. Instead of recovering the money and making a bit of profit they are going to sell off the shares to the poor and young, offering them 'special deals'.

    This begs several questions. How the hell are the young and poor going to afford the money to buy the shares?

    How are they going to be able to keep money tied up in shares whilst waiting for their dividend, especially since many of the poor will have any benefits adjusted and so will have a de facto drop in income by owning them?

    Won't this adversly affect shares in the banking sector?

    Will this reverse the drop in the polls the Tories are seeing at the moment?

    My own opinion? This policy will only benefit Dave, the Banker.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    How much do Labour pay you to agitate on their behalf again? Is it per reply, or a monthly stipend?

    Truly amazing - only in the UK (possibly Italy too, where a ridiculed and corrupt politician can get re-elected Prime Minister after being hounded from Office before) can we take it up the arrse by a morally bankrupt administration who have brought us to the brink of financial ruin whilst exposing their own greed and untrustworthiness - and we still look like wanting to keep them in power. It's like the beaten wife scenario - 'I love him, even if he walks all over me, treats me like sh1t and lies to my face'.
  3. Didn't you read the article then, or at least the heading?
  4. 4 posts, 3 from yourself.

    Doing well there Sven!
  5. Must be a Good Idea bit like Maggie making Council houses available to occupiers.
    Sell off the banks to the many, Phew Labour won't like that will they ?
    Not surprised Dave knows nothing, par for him.
  6. Who would you have them sell to then Whet?
  7. What's up Whet/Sven? Isn't the tax that you sponge off me and other taxpayers enough for you to buy any shares in this possible venture???
  8. What he said but adding that people in receipt of MoD pensions will now have their pension taxed at 40% to enable the corrupt Labour Party to "feed" their supporters :x
  9. So the potential new Government want to sell the banks off (as well all already knew they would at some point) and they want the main beneficiaries of that sale to be the normal 'man on the street' rather than hedge funds and billionaires?

    Who'd have ever thought they'd see the day when Labour's mouthpiece would go against that?
  10. Well at least they (Tories) plan to get some money for the Banks rather than giving them away for the Bankers only to pay themselves big bonuses care of us! Something is not quite right with Labours deluded logic.
  11. .
    I thought the "man in the street" already owned some banks(?) Will "we" be offered the chance to buy RBS et al again?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Dave hasn't really thought this one through has he?

    The government has used OUR money to bail out the banks and thusly WE own those shares. He is now suggesting that they will offer those same shares we already own to us again, so we can buy them again.

    Ponzi never had it so good.
  13. First bold. My youngest is 23 and at Uni - I'll buy them for him. Anyhoo how come we still have poor after13 years of a Socialist Gobment? Oh wait ...it was Thatchers fault.

    Second bold - if it does you will be in tears.

    Third point - it is a like a Ponzi scheme Biped - but it will raise much needed cash and as we don't know the true state of the economy..... :evil:
  14. Is that not precisely the basis upon which all privatisations occur: Governements selling people that which they already "own"?

    The bank shares have to be sold at some point and the "discount" will be by reference to whatever bogus valuation is put on these by HMG at the time , not the cost. They are not going to be free,

    If people are willing (or perhaps more accurately able) to proceed on that basis and thus relieve the Government balance sheet of a crippling burden, all well and good. Not a very bright idea to try and make this a mainplank of "policy" though, it is just an electoral bauble