Has anyone read 'Summer Soldier' by Phil Williams ex Scots Guards and Falklands vet?

Link to Amazon page here Summer Soldier: Amazon.co.uk: Philip Williams, M.S. Power: 9780747505983: Books I'm not sure about getting this book as whilst I find Phillip's story highly intriguing, I suspect the co-author had an axe to grind against the army and Thatcher. However the story does intrigue me greatly, if anyone's read it and recommends it I'll buy a copy. Also if any former Scots Guards actually have any further information on this story I'd love to hear it out of personal interest. I suspect Phil was very unfortunate in both his dealings with the army and his co-author but of course I cannot judge at this stage, thoughts anyone?
I read this book years ago and actually remember the incident during the Falklands war, I seem to remember that he took a bit of flak with the inevitable allegations from armchair warriors regarding cowardice etc. but there for the grace of god!

Not a bad book actually

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