Has anyone NOT made up their mind?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. After the initial euphoria that we're finally going to have an election,I've now realised that we've got 4 weeks of politicians droning on, making promises they won't keep and telling lies about each other.

    Will it make any difference? Has anyone on ARRSE not yet made up their mind how they're going to vote?
  2. I know who I wont be voting for if that helps?
  3. I am still convinced that those b4stards will get back in but with a reduced majority of c.30 (If pushed I'll go 27).
  4. I haven't decided yet who to vote for, not that it makes much difference. Here the usual vote is such that if a deflated blue balloon was put up as candidate it'd get elected.

    As usual I am going to wait till I've read the manifestos and tried to filter out the lies and the impossible from the various promises. It can be such fun - back in '97 I think it was, the Green Party said near the start of their manifesto that the population of the UK had to be reduced to a sustainable number. At the end of the manifesto it stated that the maximum sustainable population of the UK was 20 million. When their candidate knocked on my door I showed him his own manifesto and innocently asked what the Green Party's plans were for disposing of the other 35 million Britons... Oh the look on his face was a joy to behold!

    I'm currently planning difficult questions to ask this year.....
  5. We share the same candidate and to date the only thing in his favour it that he has a goodish expenses record.

    At a meeting a short while ago the attendees were left feeling he presented no ideas and he was asking them how he should fight his seat!!
  6. I must admit to a degree of uncertainty, which is unusual for me, cos I'm normally a fairly strict Tory. I've only voted for another party once - in 97, when I voted UKIP (I'd had enough of Major but there was no way I was going to vote for the Grinning Spiv).

    Sadly, I just can't warm to CMD - there's just too much of the Blair about him. No other party has a realistic chance of unseating the current lot though, so I'll probably grit my teeth - I just wish there was someone around of Maggie's calibre.
  7. I haven't spoken to him for about ten years, but from what you say he does not seem to have improved....

    Last saw him about five years ago roaring out of a filling station in his Volvo, without bothering to put his seat belt on. Good move for a man who killed a biker while on holiday as a result of his driving on the wrong side of the road....

    Decent enough bloke though, and honest - as his expenses claims showed.
  8. Its all a dance anyway, just some gladiators battling it out for the dangled bunce in a circus designed to distract the plebs.

    And when they do get it in its the same old unholy trinity of mendacity aided by ever growing lots of naivete and buffoonery.

    Its so tedious that I've had to cancel my subscription to The Economist because I find myself skipping through half of it.
  9. Lots of choice. Would you have someone with no experience working on your house or someone with lots of experience who promises the world does a bad job and fiddles their expenses to add insult to injury?
  10. Fook knows? I'm a traditional Labour supporter, Working class, union member. But this current shower of shite......
  11. Agreed.

    Just looked at "Windy" Gales website.- Neighbouring Tory MP
    He dosen't come across too well.

    His responses to questions about his expenses read to me as arrogant, patronizing and pompous- but that's just me.

    As a general comment it's probably worth reading your MPs website to help raise your blood pressure!

    The spoken word is soon forgot but the written word can return to bite you
  12. To be honest, I think killing people is slightly worse than fiddling your expenses. It might have been an accident but the fact that he hasn't learned from his error shows breathtaking arrogance.

    Back to the election, I think a lot of people on this site are lying about past voting habits. It seems that very very few people are willing to admit they voted for Tony Blair in 1997 and they all say "I knew he was a liar back then" and so so. Well Blair won an absolute landslide and the country seemed euphoric to me, so somebody mist have voted for him.

    I think Gordon doesn't want to win at all. Why else would he promise 5 more years? The guy is a complete chopper. I find it difficult to see a single positive attribute in the guy other than at least he knows the job already and he has the hide of a rhino.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    All youse foreigners in Englerland should vote SNP. You are always going on about getting rid of the Jocks so why not stand as an SNP candidate in your area?

    Just think - SNP MPs could suddenly increase to around 600 :twisted:
  14. Is it also possible for foreigners NOT to vote?
  15. We need more people like Martin Bell; No allegiance, no party line to adhere to. Integrity is something sadly lacking in modern politicians, there is too much style over substance.