Has anyone heard of Dulmen?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Phantom, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. I think I may be going to Dulmen in the middle of next year. Can anyone give me the honest lowdown on the place without saying its crrap. Are the facilities any good? Housing? Nightmare to get anywhere? You know the drill (my marriage depends on some positive responses). Cheers.
  2. Heard of Dulmen? I've worked with loads of them!
  3. I must admit to thinking that it had closed, but it hasn't.

    Start here:

    Army - Dulmen

    and spend some time searching the Web.

  4. Bloody hell, what an impressive link, for such a small "garrison" well done Army website bloke!
  5. Famous for "STIGMATIC NUNS" and Crap PUE
  6. Dulmen is OK. The quarters are pretty good, the NAAFI is tiny however.
    Dulmen is a small german town, it has a McDonalds, a massive Porn-Markt, and a few other shops and a coiple of nice bars and resturants. It is a little bit in the sticks, however its only a short autobahn ride to Munster, nice all weather zoo ans shops etc, and about an hour from Oberhausen, home to massive shopping centre (the biggest in germnay), Theme parks etc etc.

    However, if you going to Dulmen to be part of the Depot, enjoy. A sleepy hollow, but plenty of oppotunity for you and the famly to have a nice time.
    If you are going as part of Six Supply...errr.....frankly......I'd rather go to A Japanese PWO camp.

    That said if you want more info,a general heads up, 'phone numbers etc, PM me. I'm happy to help.
  7. I have strange visions of Alex Guiness in a corrugated iron hut being talked down to by a small Asian looking fellow complete with shorts, samurai sword and a thick Hull accent!
  8. Dulmen - ahh happy memories of thrashing around the training area in my wee 432...! The blokes at Dulmen were alright when we were in Munster; they liked the peace and quiet yet were only a wee ride away from the big shops etc. Much better than Gutersloh or somewhere!
  9. I didn't think they would keep it open. The training ground was too small for armour really - too bloody handy for crashouts too LOL
  10. A huge depot full of sheds and sheds for cracker stackers. 14 Surprise regt were there once upon a whiule ago. Tiny town, and the smallest NAAFI in NATO, but as said elsewhere - Munster and Oberhausen are a quick blat down the autobahn.

    And with your ultra cheap petrol allowance, blatting up the autobahn to Hamburg, Bielefeld or Holland is easy and cheap.

    Don't expect a wild social life and an endless circle of new acquaintances tho - you could hold the "All Ranks Do" in a phone box!
  11. I failed to keep low and move fast and as a result was caught full on by a decision ricochet from the RLC MCM (Morale Counter Measures) Division. So I will be gracing the hallowed turf of Dulmen. Thanks for the comments so far- Again ground truth appreciated.
  12. Do you know which Sqn you are going too, i have just finished in 6 Supply and can give you some int that most would be unable to. :lol:
  13. General Lee

    If you can pm me with the int that would be hoofing. Knowledge is power.
  14. Firstly, you are going to a sleepy hollow in the middle on nowhere. If you are a SNCO or an Officer then your Mess will be full of civvies, the camp is shared DSDA (Germany) 8O .

    Secondly, there are no decent facilities on camp, the joke about holding functions in phone boxes is closer to reality than you think. The NAFFI on camp is crap and the Pads NAFFI is tinny.

    Thirdly, there is an accomodation shortage for Pads so if you are married you may have a comute to complete.

    Forth, the RHQ is in Gutersloh about 1hr 45 mins from Dulmen so enjoy the frequent comutes.

    Fifth, it does'nt matter what anyone tells you there is a Regt divide betwen Gutersloh and Dulmen units, that poses its own challenges.

    Sixth, the only good thing in Dulmen is the station football team!!!
  15. Still it has got one definite advantage over Bulford - £450 a month LOA