Has anyone has had any success in appealing a Medical Rejection?

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has had any success in appealing a Medical Rejection.

I decided recently to join the TA after 5 years of leaving the service. I was declined on medical grounds by Glasgow.

On my TA application form I mentioned an operation I had when I was a private soldier 15 years ago, I was injured on operational duty and the Army doctors removed my tailbone 8 months after my injury as they though it had fractured it as the time of the incident and it had reset incorrectly. After the operation was performed a result came back from an MRI scan suggesting that the position of my tailbone was a birth defect and not as a result of any accident. My other injuries cleared up after 3 years and I have not had any pain nor complained of pain to an MO or GP for 10 years, I even manged to complete 2 JNCO courses and be recommened for SNCO after the incident.

My decline from re-enlisting is based on JSP 346 3.12.30 Spinal Fractures Automatic P8.

I know rules are rules but 1. it was never fully estabilished that it was a fracture only suspected based on looking at an x-ray at the time of incident. 2. If the Army had such a problem with spinal fractures why did they let me serve operational for a further 10 years and promote myself? 3. I still have a copy of the FRCS doctors report from the MRI saying that in his opinion is was more probable the position of the tailbone was a defect from birth.

If I was to appeal it would be to say that JSP 432.3.12.26 should apply to my case "strucural abnoramilties - no back pain & full free movement maybe granted L2".

Does anyone have any views? or know of any cases that were sucessful at being changed
Thanks for responding back, I am glad that you managed to change their minds. I was worried that the Medical Selection Board would not look at fresh information and just simply rubber stamp the statusquo.

I know its a lot to ask but I would love to get some some of template to your appeal.
These rules are there to protect you and others around you.

TL when your hand starts to become painful. What then? You get discharged, took a place that could have been for someone else, burden on everyone including yourself.

See it day in day out.

Good luck to you though, hope the hand holds out. Do your self a favour and start your training in the summer sounds like it could get painful in the cold.

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