Has anyone had their Tonys bonus yet ?

I was just wondering, has anybody had their operation bonus yet? Sorry if thats not its correct title, you know the tax/operational tour bonus £2240 for a six monther. It all seems to have gone quiet on the subject and rumour control is working overtime .Be nice to get it before Christmas ,if fact it would be nice to get it full stop.
My RAO has told me it will be in November's pay packet. Just in time for Mrs CS to spend it all before Christmas!
In the bank this very morning, we have had 5 or 6 paid in today and another 130 guys get theres on 21 st of this month.
I was on Telic 8 so i came home about 12 days ago.Were you there or Afgan DANNY-BOY? . Its just that I have a nice new mountain bike waiting for me in the shop.As per usual rear party pay office cannot help at the moment.
Is it back-dated or is that just wishful thinking?
I was in sunny Afghan looking at Rabbits and its only available from 1st April
The-Daddy said:
are the TA lads getting this as well?
10.1304. Eligible Service Personnel. Regular Service personnel, mobilised Reserves and Full Time Reserve Service (Full or Limited Commitment) personnel are eligible for the Allowance if they are in a SOL where the Allowance has been declared as payable.
10.1305. Ineligible Service Personnel. The following personnel are ineligible for the Operational Allowance as they receive different remuneration packages:
a. Attachés, Advisers and Embassy/ High Commission-based personnel.
b. Loan Service personnel.
c. Sponsored Reserves.
d. Expeditionary Forces Institute (EFI) personnel.
Crazy_Legs said:
Backdated to 1 Apr 06.
Ho hum. Not quite as far as I'd hoped - April 04 would have been nice but you can't win 'em all.
You can claim for any period of time - even 1 day! Not bad for £12.31 each day. Believe it or not crab pilots can claim it for flying over the theatre!!
radar260 said:
Believe it or not crab pilots can claim it for flying over the theatre!!
I have no problem with that. They pose more of a target flying over a theatre than I ever do on the ground.
I have a couple of bods who are getting £12.31 a day backdated to 01 Apr 06 till 25 Apr 06.

See what hapens when you click your heels three times and say "There's nowt like more pay!"

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