Has anyone got payed today?

Monday - I am expecting it anyway. Although a little bird told me (who happens to be in a pay office) that the TA have paid their lads the equivalent of twice over! So some people would have been paid the once and or not at all and others three or four times over!!!!!

Audit is going to be fun for them lol!
My German allotment went in last Wednesday and my UK main pay was credited about 1/2 hour ago. I must admit after a couple of the other threads that I was starting to get worried. Isn't Sunday afternoon a strange time to credit someones wages?
If your pay is due to go in on a Monday you always get it on the Saturday becuase of the way banking works. If you look at your bank statements it will say Monday though.
allotment has gone missing but usual amount gone to my main account

i hope and i pray
I got paid on Sat. :D

And they haven't fcuked it up for at least 3 months now-that's a new record!
Well, Armynet delivered my pay statement and my bank account shows that the credit is sitting there for tomorrow morning. I assume that the tapes were run yesterday to credit the money first thing on the 30th (tomorrow morning).

I don't yet understand the pay statement and haven't checked against the tables, but I will...!

No complaints.... it's worked for me.

Got paid in my german account Thursday, and my pay is still as messed up as it was before JPA.
greengoblin said:
Me being RAF got payed but my friend in the army hasn't. Will this be a JPA c*** up or will he get payed Monday instead?
Didn't the RAF go through the same thing when JPA was rolled out for them?

How long before it was sorted?
Yes, got paid the right amount and on time. Big relief all round. Have now been issued JPA password as well and can log on OK. It's all going too well!

Bloke in my place got paid OK but when checking his JPA pay statement his ROD seems to have mysteriously slipped to the right by 7 years!
I don't think I got paid properly, I have a couple of problems:

I don't actually know how much I should get paid, I'm a PQO & our pay review board was quite complicated. How can I find out? They don't put our rates on the usual lists.

I don't have an armynet account, it won't let me sign up & the armynet help desk are NFI. They keep saying something about AFPAA, like I said I'm a PQO, I have no idea what that's all about!!

Any help gratefully received.