Has anyone got any routines or tips to increase endurence ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by morganic, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Just for the record this morning for my breakfast i had 2 oranges and for my lunch i had 2 large carrots because i'm avoiding gaining calories because i need to get my B.M.I down another 3 points.
  2. The answer is Fartlek.

    Depending on how you arrange it, you will improve stamina, speed or both.

    Look it up on't'inter.
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    Cheers Greenbaggyskin, I've just looked it up on the net.

    This is good training for 1500m, 5k and 3k.

    •10 minutes warm up jog
    •Repeat 6 times - Stride hard for 3 minutes with 1 minute jog run recovery.
    •10 minute cool down jog

    I will do all that on running track next time i go to the gym. :D
  4. You lost 2kg on a 6 mile walk?

    Are you winding us up? 8O
  5. Some decent long runs to increase stamina. You need a decent level of fitness before starting fartlek training to get the best from it. You need to be increasing your heart rate for a decent amount of time; 20-30 minutes, and walking won't do that.

    Stop avoiding the weights machines; you need to build your upper-body strength to carry weight properly. Running will make you very fit, lean and wiry, but you won't be able to tab with weight for love nor money because you won't have the muscle.
  6. Not true.

    I'm thinking the only experience of the Army you have is from this site and as a cadet AI.

  7. Did you swallow a golfball sized lump of amphetamines and roly poly to Scarborough and back ?
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    No really i did lose nearly 2 kg's. I was wearing a big thick green jacket, jumper, polo shirt, t-shirt and 2 bin bags underneath it all. B.M.I is the only thing stopping me having my medical according to the very strict doctor and new regulations.
  9. Hmmmmm, how long did it take you to do the 6 miles?
  10. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment, I'm thinking of trying this out i just need to know if the jacket has to be green as i only have a big thick black jacket will this still work?
  11. You think wrong; new batteries for your civvy-spotter, perhaps.

    My post is from my experience as a naturally small and skinny whippet who used once upon a time to have real trouble on anything involving carrying weight despite having a run time of 8.33. Lots of upper-body work helped with that.

    If you run in a bin bag, the weight you lose is water and will be put back on when you have a drink. It's not an effective or sensible way of trying to lose weight to meet the BMI target.
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    90 mins... i was also wearing trousers and big desert boots lol..Also i had to get across busy roads and islands. As it's half term there are no lollipop ladies around when you need them lol..
  13. You are in the wrong business. Go into weight loss and make a fortune.
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    I'm more concerned about burning calories. As long as i don't stuff my face with junk afterwards i'm happy. Tonight i will go to the gym and spend over an hour in there burning any calories off i may have gained during the day. I will burn more calories then my body will intake during a workout.