Has anyone fired one of these?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stainmaster, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. A Springfield armoury M6 USAF aircrew 'survival' weapon that is a folding combined shotgun and smallbore rifle.

    Springfield Armory M6

    Sorry, don't know how to post a pic. Do others on here use photobucket?

    Not an original Septic idea, my boxhead ancestors came up with it. The Luftwaffe comissioned a similar weapon in the 1930s, called the 'Drilling', a double barrelled side by side shotgun with a rifle barrel beneath for good measure.
    This Springfield is apparently for hunting small game (squirrels?) to keep a downed pilot fed. I read in Robert Mason's excellent 'Chickenhawk' that despite the Geneva Conv some Huey pilots had a 12 Guage under the seat, but i reckon that was for hunting a different sort of game....
    I want one. Ideal to keep in the hatch of my seakayak for when the jetskinobbers won't fark off, or under the bed for when some cnut tries to steal my car again, or ......... the possibilities are endless.

    I know we have a few Americans monitoring Arrse, have any of you been issued one/fired one/seen one?

    Do Uk forces have such a thing?
  2. Cheers CQMS. Photbucket?
  3. More piccies


  4. Strictly speaking, its a "Swilling" not a "Drilling"..

    Some UK Constabularies HATE these for some reason and make it very difficult to get a licence..

    Always fancied a Drilling (3 barrels) a German mate of mine had one with two twenty bores and an 8mm rifle. He used to keep a .22 converter in the left 20 bore barrel and was ready for anything he met (including Russians at the time...)
  5. Afraid this is illegal under UK law due to the smoothbore barrel being under 24 inches. Come to think of it, it probably falls foul of the minimum 60cm rule for firearms as well. Anyway it's Section 5, so only a nice letter from the Home Secretary will do.
  6. Ah... got it... swie/drie as in FlakVIERling (four barrels). ?hablan espanol?

    I have boxhead genes but don't speak it.

    So HE117, if you could specify your own Drilling, what would each barrel be?
  7. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a section 5?

    It looks as if it was a tenner in Toys'R'Us, just needs a little red plastic cap on the muzzle.
  8. Section 5 of the UK Firearms Act. In plain English, a 'prohibited weapon', in the same category as 'short firearms' (pistols) and fully automatic weapons.
  9. I bought a new Merkel Drilling in 20g with 8x57JRS. It was bloody lovely, and the only rifle I regret selling-on. When applying for one on a FAC it is best to describe it as a Combination Rifle, for the intention of mixed discipline shooting holidays. I justified it by saying that I wanted to do some walked-up shooting, with the opportunity for an evening High-seat shoot for dear, and in addition for driven shooting abroad. My argument was that if they gave me it, I wouldn't need to travel with two firearms and have to leave one locked in my car. Worked a treat!
  10. the short barreled triple barrelled german weapon called the drillinge Stutzen, used to be a popular, rough shooting weapon in germany in the 70,s ,I still have in my german family home a Steyr Mannliche drilling uptop 12bore and 410(solid shot) underneath a weird 22rifle setup that is impossible to clean, the 410 solid shot was great for culling red deer and wildboar in november, was tempted to try it out on the motherinlaw,but common sense prevailed
  11. Si, yo hablo espanol as it happens...! (pero muy crap...)

    Hmm.. 16,16 and a 6mmPPC I suppose, however you really want a rimmed round for this, so possibly a wildcat 7mm based on a .303 (or 7.62x 54R) case...?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's relatively easy to get combination guns in the UK, and there's quite a few of them knocking around in the form of the BRNO/CZ 12g/.308 combos, or 'swilling' guns which is quite apt, as they are used for Boar drives in Europe and now in the South of England too, albeit there's not been too many drives yet (just hunting), they are gaining in popularity.
  13. I always liked the Russian solution.


    Thats a pair of 12.5mm barrels over a single 5.45mm.


    Handy huh?
  14. I seem to remember having fired it or something very similar in the 70s during a squadron exchange in Belgium. Over a beer or 5 in the bar with their engineering WO, I casually mentioned that I had never fired a Thompson SMG (which their gate guards carried) one thing lead to another and next day on their range I fired various weapons including this survival gizmo. Fair bit of recoil.