Has anyone ever seen RMP training recruits at an RTC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. Just wondering...

    Met a nice chap from sssh 3MI this weekend.
  2. Yes, we've had a few a while back but not recently, as to Mil Int.....we quite often get guest instructors from the local lot PTIs SAA etc.
  3. Yes mate
    There was a couple on my Sandhust induction when i was with 51st (Scottish) Brigade OTW....one was later on a CSM(R) at Barry Buddon about a year later with a phase one wing...one of the catch-up ones in 2005 with a OTW and Phase one...
    not sure which Bde they were from though....

    Ahh happy days :)
  4. Saw a few at Nescliffe back in the summer whilst I was there on a CBRN ex. RMP capbadges with Black Berets. In my day you had to spend the two weeks looking like Virgil Tracey in your cap comforter.
  5. One was a "Lady" FF it was when we ran out of Glenrothes for The first week and 2nd from BBta.....Just before i handed over to "Big Shoulders"

    you not there ?

    Missed you at the weekend was over for a visit :)
  6. So, er, were they from 3 or 5MI?
  7. Dunno now they've got a choice! the lot on the correct side of the Wall.....North!
  8. Yep! He was a right grumpy old cunt, but hey-ho, not bad for a monkey!
  9. Seen one around at Strensall this weekend.
  10. But what has that got to do with RMP? :wink:
  11. Aye same here, Only the one a youngish lad?
  12. Credit where credit due, and all that stuff...
  13. Not for an interview then?
  14. Attended a Visiting Instructor from the MI. I gather its his 3rd / 4th appearance on the trot.

    Much appreciated, we had ?163 SUTs this w/end.
  15. That's the one.