Has anyone ever lived in Shepperton

Discussion in 'Officers' started by ABBA1303, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. I have been offered a married quarter in Shepperton and wondered if anyone could provide any info on the area, houses, schools? I have yet to find anyone who has ever lived there, so any knowledge would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. i live close to the area, and one of my bezzers was schooled in the area, several fine schools in the area and near by, and a golf course or two i believe

    this site should help
    Shepperton info
  3. Thanks I will check out the site.
  4. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    The HIC seems to be trying to fob people off with Shepperton at the moment.

    If you didn't ask for Shepperton, it is worth fighting your corner.

    The WO1 in the HIC is the chap to speak to - he is an absolute star and can get things squared away.

  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    If you want decent Schools, press for Kingston - also, a lot easier to get into Town from there.

    And Twickenham....
  6. Can anyone vouch for if it is true that the Major Quarters in Kingston are very small and 3 bed as opposed to 4?
  7. I livbed in Shepperton for 5 years, and now live nearby in Staines. Its a pleasant enough area, I'd recommend Thamesmead on Manygate Lane as being the best local secondary school, and St Nicholas C of E as the best primary. For sixth forms, Brooklands in Weybridge is the best bet, as Strodes in Egham has a bit of a rep for drugs and high drop-out rates. As for nights out, contrary to the Ali-G reputation Staines isn't so bad, plenty of restaurants, and you're on the trainline for Kingston and central london.
  8. The quarters are very small (not certain how many bedrooms) with virtually no garden. Plenty of friends have had to put furniture into storage whilst there. I took the advice that when looking for a London quartering patch not to go there with too many kids otherwise you'd be living on top of each other!
  9. Can anyone give any info on Nell Gynne Ave houses?
  10. Is that shepperton? or kingston?
  11. I'll pm you.
  12. Sorry, Kingston. The quarters in Shepperton are quite nice. Never been upstairs, but the downstairs livingroom/dining room are nice and large, kitchen can just about get a table in it if you need to. The garden wasn't exactly Hyde Park but the plus side is you'll not spend an entire Saturday mowing the lawn.
  13. Why not take a look --> Clicky

    Get rid of the bar on the left and zoom in so you can see the house numbers.

    Theres an option to go full screen as well, which is nice :D
  14. Fab thanks, look ugly but big!
  15. what grades of accommodation are these houses? Are they in good repair and what are the insides like?

    (intruding naval officer!!! looking for a surplus quarter in london)