Has anyone else noticed the Union Flag is being sold back to front?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by SIGS130, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me or has the British retail market is selling goods with our noble Union Flag back to front? Debenhams in particular have released a range of items in this "Olympics" year all with the Union Flag back to front ( Item No. 3310069521) . I you go to the Debenhams site and type in the item number listed you will see one of the offending item mentioned, This is part of a range that includes, tins, work surface savers, etc. I also encountered concession stands with handbags and purses decorated in similarly back to front Union Flag designs. Is this an attempt by Argentina to put the UK into confusion or just a bunch of blind buyers from lands afar trying to make a buck and take the mickey at the same time.
  2. Maybe they took the photo from behind the flag! or in a mirror? or does it really matter as its debenhams after all not on top of a government building or a parade square or regimental hq or anything. I have a grip and i wish you to take it.
  3. I am disgusted!
  4. Who's got the keys for the bus? One way trip to outrage.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG]

    OK NOW?
  6. You shop at debenhams and buy handbags?

    Cripes, lets hope they dont put the George Cross upside-down.
  7. No I agree, it's bloody wrong. Problem is the vast majority of people wouldn't know the difference anyway. Good to see people taking pride in the flag, would just be nice if it was the right way round!
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  8. You're really going to blow a fuse when you see that shops not only sell products with backwards flags, but in the wrong colours and even patterns too...


    I think it's mighty pretty and reckon we should make this the official version ;-)


    Outraged of Chepstow
  9. Back to front or upside down? if upside down it's a signal of distress which may be appropriate, Can't wait until these bloody games are over.
  10. I have just shat myself with pure unalloyed outrage - the very thought that our noble flag has been so besmirched makes me want to kill all of the Debenhams management and lead a campaign of merciless sippenhaft against their families.
  11. Wouldn't someone notice the ribbon was under the cross not above it?
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    Too slow!
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    Ha ha! Nice one!