has anyone else been told not to come back until april?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cooldave118, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. sqn clerk told me on friday due to having done more than 50 mtd's im not allowed to come back until april

    Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. A couple of blokes at our place have buggered off in a fit of pique having been told that back in August/Sept, having done a phenomenal amount of days by that point they could only come in on C1.

    You should be able to go in on C1 though if you choose, surely? (This probably isn't the place for yet another whinge about the budgets themselves)
  3. It depends on your role, if you are a key personality you can get more but if there is no justification for more then you won't get any.
  4. well i decided to go in at the weekend on c1
    and told that C2 adventure training next month i might not be allowed to do it because some guys need to make up their days for their bounty
    tbh im pretty pissed off at the min

    just a rant i was getting off my chest there lol
  5. It seems that the days of lads coming in on every weekend and every drill night are over. Choose your days wisely this coming bounty year my friends.
  6. it does seem that way
    although its very off putting for a junior pte like myself
  7. Have been told to choose my time wisely, I have enough days for Drill nights & 1 weekend
  8. And that is what the grownups don't seem to understand - at what stage will you just say feck this for a game of soldiers and find something else to do?
  9. Or change (transfer/move) to a new PID with a R Signals TA Regt, since we for once are not feeling that pain of not being able to train or having significant C1 dilemmas. And for info, C1 training still costs a unit and shows up as MTDs as JPA is unable to distinguish between paid and unpaid training... :roll:

  10. TBH no Unit is doing the same thing.The only thing that we are doing any different is that where down to 2 Trg nights 1 weekend but this month we have 2!!!!!!!!. Attachments and courses are being booked and were on MATTS level 3
  11. Sorry, meant on your role within your unit - key enablers should get more MTD's as necessary for your job but a private would not be able to justify the extra days.
  12. So is it worth me applying to join our local TA then? It seems that alot of places are still suffering from cut-backs
  13. Genius. That may be why I actually got paid for a day that I'd volunteered to do as C1 then... not that I'm complaining!

    I'm a fairly senior crafty (purely by dint of having been around the longest) and I've still managed to retain my enthusiasm, as have our couple of new recruits to the LAD - the state of the Regt is a different matter, for junior ranks at least, and that's despite us doing better than most units for training. Just goes to show it can vary entirely by how your unit is coping with the budget cuts, and by who your seniors and ruperts are.
  14. Your best bet would probably be trying to chat to a couple of the lads at your local unit and see if you can find out how they're getting on. If none of them ever turn up, there's your answer :roll:

    We're certainly not going to be going back to the days of essentially unlimited MTDs for all, but I would also hope that this is as bad as it's going to get, and we may start seeing some kind of claw-back of training. I'd still tip up if I were you, and see what you can find out.
  15. As he says, it varies. For example we have on average about 45 on parade on a drill night, and you can infer from that whether those troops are getting paid, or not. :-D With MTDs the bottom line tends to be, if you're adding value/supporting ops (UK or otherwise) then you'll probably be paid, however if you're not not then its highly doubtful.