Has Anyone Done TA Selection Weekend At Crowbourough Camp

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hoops300, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the 1 1/5 mile track that they use at crowborough camp is like, just wondering if i am going to be running up any big hills.I have got the run down to about 12 mins at the moment so should make it anyway.
  2. It does... but apparently it has a downhill bit as well so I wouldn't worry too much
  3. The hill is a killer and you go up it twice. Like burger hill said - what goes up, must come down. But don't count on the descent to make up time. Just go for it and you'll be fine - don't walk either, they will scream at you if you do.
  4. Agreed, you have to attack the ascent and the descent! It's a best effort so give it 100% all the way round
  5. Its the wind you have to worry about.
  6. So I guess if you can set a good time on that course you are doing well!
  7. Definitely prepare for the hill... I can now tell you from experience.. luckily I did and passed with a ropey time of 12 mins. Also Polar is right the weather does play a part when our syndicate ran it it p** sed it down and the wind was right in our faces up the hill.. Just grit your teeth and keep running up that hill because you have to work hard to make up the time on the downhill.
  8. i had my selection on the weekend and got defered so i will have to try again in april i was only a few seconds over the 14 minutes so i am gutted.
  9. Hoops I was there this weekend as well, you wasn't the only one a few didn't make it. Just get out there and run your arrse off... you know what is required now.. get a course that has hills in it and go for it...
  10. what group were you ini was in the white group, i am goping to find the biggest hill i can find and run it every day.
  11. I did TA Selection at Crowborogh, but as it was in 1984 I can't remember much, but the hill is as described
  12. i've just done the selection w/end and was in the reds, apart from the usual hick-ups re transport it was a good crack..... as for the run all i can say is go for it. I'm 43 and if anything it showed me what kind of level i am at an where i need to be!! hills a pig but dig in an you'll do it. The team stuff is a giggle and one bit of advice

    "lay it out while the frames being done................."

    'NUFF SAID!!
  13. Was that with 3MI?
  14. I have got my selection at crowborough this weekend, looking forwards to the hill, my personal best run time is 11:08
  15. Well, the hill is defiantly something to prepare for! It's got a nice incline at the top too.
    It added around a minute onto my runtime which was 12:36.