Has anyone done a "Learn to sail/flotilla holiday"

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Gobbly wobbly, May 15, 2011.

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  1. We are struggling to find a holiday that doesn't mean sitting by a pool surrounded by fat foul mouthed chav's who have taken more than full advantage of the all inclusive bar.

    We ski in the winter and the kids (7 and 9) love it. I'm thinking of doing the summer equivalent, essentially, sailing. What I am looking for is a learn to sail course maybe with a follow up of flotilla sailing.

    Can anyone recommend a company? Is it a good idea when the kids are so young? Should I do an RYA course first? Any info or recommendations would be gratefully received.
  2. I went on a Mark Warner holiday in Sardinia but didn't learn to sail - look at their website. It was a decent (chav-free) crowd in the resort. one drawback for us was it was miles from the main town when we wanted to go out in the evening but we were a party of 4 girls - probably a bit different when you go as a family. I have heard Sunsail are good too.
  3. Another good option that I found great fun was to hire a Gulat in Turkey with a skipper, cook and crew, learning to sail is then optional, and there no real hard work involved

    Turkish Gulet Cruise Yachts
  4. i wouldn't recommend that for such young children - they would be bored and the adults would have to watch them constantly. I went for a week on one of these and the engine broke - it was VERY choppy as we sailed along but eventually we got towed somewhere by another gulet.
  5. Or just take the kids for a one day course at Plas Menai, there's loads of places in Wales that can give your kids a day sailng experience, if they like it your laughing if not you have only wasted a day and not a whole holiday
  6. Depends what you want...."learning to sail" is a wide subject.

    Do you want to sail dinghies or live- aboards, own a couple of small boats or spend a lot of money on charters?

    I see you live in Wrexham.... I got a mad notion many years ago, bought a 13 footer sailing dinghy, complete with a 4 horse outboard, and had great fun in Anglesey on many holidays, sailing, mast down going fishing, a perfect holiday for kids.

    For the price of a charter you could probably buy a couple of decent second hand dinghies and join a RYA sailing club and get taught for free.
  7. We've done many of these over the years, initially with Sunsail (I think about 6 flotillas and 5 club holidays) and latterly with Neilson. We started off doing 'flotilla' holidays ie entirely boat based but more recently have taken to staying in the 'Clubs'

    I wouldn't touch Sunsail clubs (I think they have only one left now) with a bargepole these days - they were taken over by one of the big conglomerates (TUI iirc) and basically squeeze every penny they can out of you. However whilst I suspect the same may be true of their flotillas, since they don't have you captive in quite the same way (bar prices etc) they may still be fine.

    I highly recommend Nielson Clubs- we're going back for the 3rd time this year. However (at the club we go to) this is very much shore based - you can learn to windsurf or sail dinghies but not the bigger stuff.

    The clubs are very good indeed with the kids. Ours also enjoyed the flotillas and made friends but I think it's much more chancy on the latter as they're not mixing during the day and they're more of a risk of there being no others in their age group.

    As to the clientele there always seems to be more than a few H for H wristbands and the odd battered green 30litre daysack around the club.

    This forum might be worth a look (although its on the company site).

  8. Cheers, I had already thought of that. Might just go myself first and see if I like it. My thought is, if I learn where it's cold wet and windy and I like it then sailing in the Med will be better.
  9. Cheers Bailey. I'll have a look.
  10. Thanks all. You have given me some food for thought. I have checked out a RYA sailing club near me and I'll discuss with the Matrimonial Commander.
  11. I learned to sail in the Bristol Channel, with a 14metre tide and seven knot currents as the norm, everywhere else in the world is a piece of Pee after that
  12. Bloody hell Tropper, the Menai Straits, after my 13 ft dinghy was wrecked, I bought a laser, and for about 4 years I went down to Beaumaris with a bunch of friends for the Regatta.

    Boats never got wet, drinking and clubbing and sniffing fanny, happy days, and nights at the Octagon Club in Bangor, "EY, my mate Carys fancies Ew...... mind Ew she is a bit of a slag....."
  13. Been there done that, still regularly found sniffing around Dale, Nayland and Aberaeron Walting as a Yachty
  14. I highly recommend kids doing the RYA sailing course to give them confidence onboard.
    My son has done it for years now and may be selected to train for the 2016 paralympic team (swimming too, very proud dad!!) and my daughter had her first lesson today and loved it.

    The only major cost is wetsuits, gloves etc but after that itsvery reasonable.