Has anyone completed the L.C.G.I via CVQO?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by newlynpirate, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. If anyone has could they contact me via PM please?
    Have started the reflective report,and would be nice to chat to someone who has completed it.
  2. .............
  3. Take that as a no then?
  4. Well,quite
  5. Come on guys,someone must have at least heard of it..
  6. Perhaps a fuller explanation and fewer initials?
  7. ok,but if you have the qualification of LCGI you would not needfurther prompting...but here gos
    ha anyone out there completed the
  8. I have a couple of friends in the County who have done it, I'm intending registering too when I get around to it. I don't think it's particularly well publicised though.
  9. hi,
    iam doing it now.did they say how it would help them with there day jobs ? do employers recognise it ? etc etc
  10. I suppose it depends on the type of day job concerned. An employer in the field of youth development may be more likely to recognise an LGCI than one in a different field.

    However a level 4 qualification is a level 4 qualification, regardless of the area of expertise.

    Of the two people I know who have done it one has an MBA anyway so the LGCI isn't the most prominent part of his CV, the other one is certainly expecting it to make a difference to his promotion prospects at work.
  11. all good stuff,are you acf or reg?
  12. oh i am sorry.......
  13. Don't be, I'm quite happy and secure about it.
  14. im kidding you,im reg..work with acf threw summer with a motorcycle team