has anyone checked out this web site

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by walter_mitty_man, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. im alittle confussed at this. i joined a popped a post on there and nearly got hung straight away. i decided to have alook around and check out some profiles. ]

    one of the moderators is called "the reaper", so to his profile i went. he has served for 22 years in every u.s s.f regiment on the planet and says his occupation is still SF SOLDIER, which worries me some what as he's online 24/7

    i don't want to cause a stir but but i believe arrse has some good intel bods who i'm sure could some intel

    check out the link http://www.professionalsoldiers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=10106


  2. It is very simple,they have their rules and all are expected to follow the rules.Fill out a profile,introduce yourself,and then ask your question in a polite manner.Mind you there are soldeirs there with experience ranging from Vietnam to Iraq and they don't have much love for BS.For the question you asked them ,you can find the answer on Google all you have to do is check.
  3. what do you want to know about the site?
  4. I am guessing he wants to know if they are walts.
  5. Having a look around, they certainly do not seem to suffer fools gladly. We here are a little cautious with newby posters or bone-question answers. There they tell them to fcuk off at the high port. Reaper obviously sees himself as some sort of door man.
    I like our way best.
  6. find it a bit strange how an american sf soldier who is still an sf soldier is available to moderate an internet site, i suppose walt is a bit strong. but it does sound a little odd to me when he has so much time available, maybe i'm wrong

    and the manners do have a little to be desired, i agree
  7. I do believe that Reaper is retired but i am not sure.I'll check
  8. Walter, you didn't get "hung". That was mild. If you want to engage in some serious "banter", check out this site. I can almost guarantee you won't be banned, no matter what you say. But I absolutely guarantee you'll have "fun". :twisted: FREE SPEECH, NO CENSORSHIP!
  9. Yank60, I went and registered with a special thank you.
  10. I got banned as have others, it's free speech as long as the owner likes what your saying. IMO.
  11. Why doesn't that suprise me. :roll:
  13. Yank military forums are famed for thier intro policy. If you think that bad, try posting more times with out an intro
  14. You call that getting "nearly hung"? That was the very model of polite but firm.

    I suggest you check out the replies to some of Dogfaces or Ol' Longpoo's dribbling rantings on this forum.

    Some of them get downright nasty!