Has anybody seen JC....

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 13_EA_72, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. wakado wakado wakado
    not since easter sunday,
    riding on his donkey,
    has anybody seen JC
    wakado wakado wakado....................
  2. Feet together,
    arms out wide,
    it's hard to boogy when your crucified,

    has anybody seen JC.
    wakado wakado wakado
    not since easter sunday,
    riding on a donkey,
    has anybody seen JC,
    wakado wakado wakado
  3. Think I saw him selling the Big Issue last week in Bournemouth
  4. did you used to work in chicago in a department store as well??
  5. don't know the song then?
  6. Got some loaves
    a coupla fish
    feeds 5000 piece of pish!

    Edited after seeing it replaced what i wrote with urine!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Ronnie - He doesn't work there any more. Some customer service issues, I heard

  8. 5-foot 9 and he's divine,
    he turns water into wine.
    Has anybody seen JC?
    Mother Mary she's the most,
    she got screwed by the Holy Ghost.
    Has anybody seen JC?
    He's so neat, he's so cool,
    walked across my swimming pool.

    They all crack me up!
    You getting ready for Army Navy then or what?
  9. cheers for those I am having huge problems remembering any of them but you are helping!!

    I would love to go to the army navy match but I need to get some funds together as I have just moved house!
  10. Hire a Chelsea Pensioner outfit like me and drink for free!

    (Im kidding everyone)
  11. He is Jesus, He is so cool,
    walked across my swimming pool

    Has anybody seen JC ?


    Holes in his hands,
    Holes in his feet,
    He carried his cross right up the street.....
  12. What tune is this to?
  13. you got me there !
    de da de da dee da dum
    dum dum dum dum dum dee daa
    de de de de de de da dee..eee.e

    any help ?
  14. Chorus

    Has anybody seen J C
    Not since Easter Monday,
    Riding on a Donkey.
    Has anybody seen J C

    Virgin born, head of thorn
    Resurrects the dead at dawn

    Jesus Christ, he’s divine
    Changes water into wine.

    Virgin Mary, She’s the most
    She’s been fcuked by the Holy Ghost

    Cleans up temples it is said
    Raises spastics from their bed

    Jesus Christ, He’s so cool
    Waked across my swimming pool

    Took three loaves and five fish
    Fed five thousand piece of piss

    Lots of songs, raises cheers,
    In the charts two thousand years

    Holes in hands, Holes in Feet,
    Carries his cross down the street,

    Holy Ghost, He’s the most,
    Gets them pissed on wine and toast,

    Banished fear and gave us hope,
    Went one better than the Pope,

    Love he gave, faith he took,
    Still the Worlds best selling book,

    Save our souls, fun we poke,
    Sorry God its just a joke.

    Jesus Christ stands five foot nine,
    Plays scrum half for Palestine.

    Arms out wide, feet are tied,
    It’s hard to boogie when your crucified.

    God rest your souls you blasphemous bunch :roll:
  15. Pontious Pilot, he’s the boss
    Get back on that F*cking cross

    Even at football, he’s devine
    Plays number 9 for Palestine