has anybody or will anybody post how to beeswax ammo boots?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by follow-the-sapper, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. is anybody willing to post a step by step guid eon how to beeswax boots?
  2. There are lots of variations:

    I used to mix polish and beeswax in a pot/bowl and heat it up with a hot air stripper until it melted. Use a lollipop stick to mix it up and paint it onto your boots with a paint brush, so it is on nice and thick. Paint more onto the top of the boot than the sides. Take the hot air stripper and wave it over the lumpy bits on your boots until it is all smooth. It will run, and that is why you lay more on the top than the sides. Before it is fully dry, take a sharp knife and cut away all the lumps that will have formed around the welts - they will peel off in one strip if the wax is not fully dry.

    Wait until it is completely dry, and then do it again.

    To avoid the cracking between the laces and the toecap - get boots that are one size too big and stuff them with paper, aim your blowtorch at the area between the toecap and the laces and heat the leather until it shrinks. This will have the effect of pulling the toecap up - but it also permenantly forms the end of the boot, so when you walk the area does not crack (as there is no need for it to move - it is pre-shrunk). You need to have a pair of boots that is one size to big though, otherwise if you shrink your own boots then they will not fit.

    There are other ways too - but I find this way the easiest. (Apart from using Morello which is much easier all round). I am sure there is a thread on it somewhere - have a look.
  3. PM the butler and look in the QM forum lots in there. Infact 1 feck of big thread on shining leather
  4. again ,, i think every body has or has had their own way of doing it..
    it generaly speaks for itsself..

    hot spoon containing small amount of melted beeswax..
    lightly work into the boot/shoe in a even coating..
    let it harden (i always left my boots on the window ledge for a day).. smooth of with a pair of tights that you nicked of that bird from last night..

    then bull your boots as normal..
  5. I put a link up for him
  6. I cannot believe the amount of people who melt the beeswax and apply it as a liquid it's just weird and a waste of wax.
    the purpose of the beeswax is to penetrate and harden the leather giving you a solid base to apply, layer and shine with polish. I have recently (against my better judgment ) posted how it is done to best effect even though I earn a living doing this (and some other things obviously) I am happy to share the knowledge. :D

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  7. Because:

    a. It is quick
    b. It is easy
    c. It doesn't crack
    d. It looks the same as any other method (apart from Morello which is just cack).
  8. I would rather do it properly than quick and easy but each to their own as I said I do it for a living :D
  9. Wish the internet had been around when i was bulling boots, mine looked shite no matter how much i worked on them, some buggers made a lot of money off me for doing mine.

    Id do it the Butlers way, cant remember anyone melting the beeswax?
  10. Any reason why you would wanna bull your boots nowadays except maybe for ur passing out parade?
  11. Ceremonial duties
    Regimental orderly whatever
    NCO cadre course
    CO's orders
    Remembrance parade

    You aren't from around here are you. :roll:
  12. im doing my JDI course soon and could do with re-doing my boots the lad the done them for me is in Iraq at the min so he cannot do them and plus its time i learnt how to do them
  13. If you need any help just PM me or get in contact via my website.
    Advice is free all else costs I'm afraid. :D
  14. fcuk the beeswax get a bottle of "clear" floor polish