Has anybody here sailed the atlantic?

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by azahpm, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. just wanted to ask if anybody in here has got any long distance sailing experience preferably in the atlantic as at some time next year im hoping to do the full 3000 miles from southampton to barbados either solo or with a mate.
    im currently looking at a 22 foot yacht as this is proberly the biggest craft i can afford on my budget. does anyone know if this is big enough for a safe trip or am i going kamakazi? and any tips and advice would be much appreciated.. thanks

    oh and by the way im doing it for help for hero's
  2. The fact that you need to ask these questions kinda gives me the impression that you really shouldnt be let loose in the big blue pond.

    However best of luck.
  3. ive never done sailing before, ive sailed a MOTOR BOAT from England to france though. doesnt matter if i havent got a lot of experience, ill still give it a bash.
  4. A 22footer is a tad small. If you do it as part of a flotilla, they'll probably stipulate nothing smaller than 27ft.
  5. Right im gonna have to up my budget me thinks, well ive got till next year but still going to be tight. ive still got the gps to come, supplies, water fuel food etc.. oh and beer, cant forget the beer. i know its rough seas out there but people hace swam across so it cant be that hard, ill also be doing a drive to raise cash for our boys out in afghanistan and iraq but obviously ill do that nearer the time.
  6. Exactly mate, as you say, a couple of nutters have swum it, how hard can it be?

    Bon voyage!

  8. How bigs your life insurance and can I be the beneficiary?
  9. Sounds like you've had more than enough already!!!!
    ROUGH forty to fifty foot waves and gales, I think you should pack a Mac too oh and maybe an umberella, a few bags of crisps too, pot noodles would be good after all theres plenty of water around.
  10. sailing a motor boat...defeats the object really..

    on a serious note though...good luck..id be happy to donate to the cause!
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Your mad. 2/3 weeks your looking at, without decent sleep and no training?

    I'd suggest you think of something else, however good your intentions open seas are dangerous. I got my RYA Day Skipper and other sailing quals at JSASTC, they run Expeds out and about so they would be a excellent point of call if your Mil/Ex Mil. Doing this without experience is a death wish really, RYA Yacht Master (Ocean) would be the recomended qualification if you really want to do this, lots of experience and exams to pass. 22' is not big enough, try nearer 40-60' you've more of a chance to stay alive when your hit by a cargo ship then.
  12. hey ill try anything once... :D
    seriously though ive been on a lot of sailing trips but never having done it on my own just trying to get as much info as i can.
  13. also luetenant orlando rodgers royal marines completed the journey by rowing boat
  14. Hey JC walked it didn't he?
    Or is that a myth
    Seriously mate stick to something you have experience of, putting your own life at risk is one thing but what about those that will have to search for you when it all goes Pete Tong.