Has anybody ever used video evidence to appeal?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Billboard, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. Has anybody ever used video evidence to overturn a medical deferral?
  2. Explain please?
  3. my hand therapist has put down on my records my right hand is significantly weaker than left. So i want to record on my phone doing overhand, underhand, commando pull ups and various weight lifting exercises. So i can get my GP to see and confirm hes seen the evidence also i can hang for 5 seconds one handed with my so called “weaker hand”.
  4. I doubt it would be accepted to be honest. unless it was filmed by the gp and even then....... Id say ya likely not gonna be in luck. Whats the deferral for? a manky hand?
  5. Why do I get the impression you are about to show a "YouTube" clip of you having a wank?
  6. You are Jeremy Beadle and I claim my five pounds!
  7. Yep, that will work, give it a go. :roll:

    Or you could simple allow your doctor to contact your therapist and they can discuss your case the normal way.

    My bold, what happens if you need to hang around for, lets say, 10 seconds, could you push yourself to that? Never know when you might need to hang around in the Army...
  8. You need to start dialogue with your GP, explain your position. Then if need be get a referral from your GP to a consultant of the required speciality who can deliver a more indepth report on your issue, hopefully in a positive light

    I had to do this for a pre employment medical (civvie not MOD) I had to pay for the specialist as I had a time constraint but had a consultants letter saving I wasn't a spazzer within 2 weeks, job jobbed

    Unfortunately the armed forces are a big machine and are unlikely to take much notice/put much effort in to your plight

    reading your OP I'm not sure you've even assessed/asked what your GP thinks of the situation
  9. Hahaha this is the most ridiculous idea ever. How would you even send the video, on a dvd? Do you think they're really going to want to faff about watching a dvd when they've got 7 hundred million appeals to look at?

    With my appeal, I was under the impression that it was just someone checking boxes, and when you checked all the boxes, it went through. Just work out EXACTLY what they want to hear from you and write it in a letter.
  10. A 'hand therapist'??? How much does she charge for a 'session'?
  11. cracking replys