Has anybody ever had a real "McAuslan" under them?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by A day late, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. Currently re reading "The Complete McAuslan" by George MacDonald Fraser.

    Can't help but woner if anyonehas ever had a real version of McAuslan under them or if the Captain Errol character is absolutely implausable.

    Thoughts welcome.
  2. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone else never served?
  3. Now,now just because I never reached the dizzy heights of a 2Lt in the ACF Pioneer Corps no need to get chippy.

    Do carry on with the mud pies old boy!
  4. What I meant was how plausable would it be to be cashiered and then commissioned again?

    In addition, what steps are in place today to prevent a man with an obvious personality disorder from being in a position to command troops?
  5. Had a chap in 9/12L who used to save the Ration Pack leftovers during Exercises. He said that he could feed his family for weeks on the stuff! The CO ended up feeling sorry for him and he managed to get to LCpl in the twilight of his career.
  6. 21 Years as a Tpr! That is impressive.

    If you/ he was at Campbell Barracks, Hohne in the late 70s, early 80s I probably played football with those very same kids as my dad was there with REME.
  7. I remember several Private Soldiers with WW2 ribbons in my regiment in the early 1960s, one or two were McAuslan types though not to the exact extreme. Anyone who has served in a Scottish regiment will recognise McAuslan and most of the other characters in GMF's much loved battalion. 'Trophies' seemed to perform well on active service, (one in a search team in my company springs to mind - absolutely first class rummaging around in the shit and finding 'stuff' and quite fearless - disaster in peacetime - his section would muck in to do his kit for Guard Mounting) and that's the reason they were protected when they dropped bollocks in barracks.
  8. I had one in my Pl whilst on ex in Kenya, fly laid an egg in his face, and the jocks were taking bets on how long it would take to hatch. His whole sect had to help him clean his LMG as no matter how long he spent on it, it would never be clean. A brilliant character, always one man in front of me when we did night moves or moving single file, would just sit down when he "could nae gaw anaye further" until you grabbed him and pushed him on! His father was RSM and his brother a razor sharp Cpl, and you could tell he never wanted anything to do with Bn but got forced into it, I had a bit of a soft spot for him and the other drama cases as, with almost all jocks it was never malicious, and his stories about how he would make his millions as a cage fighter, or the constant threats to transfer to the RLC or SCOTSDG kept everyone laughing.
  9. I worked with a Lt in the PWRR (Kosovo) who patently wasn't capable of even the basic level of command. I think the Hierarchy had alreay planned his demise. I think he was put in some sort of bullshit liaison role.

    How he got through the recruitment process's, sandhurst etc I have no idea. Absolute danger to himself
  10. Covering the 2 Div and UKLF skiing meet at Oberjock in the mid 70s I stayed in a hotel with an old boy (somewhere in his early 50s, I think) who had been commissioned some 25 years previously (he was R Tanks if anyone remembers him) and had risen to the dizzy heights of full Lieutenant, he was still serving at the time. At the hotel he was a great old boy with a cheery way about him and it was only when it came to the prize giving that we got a clue as to why his rise may have been less than meteoric. His speech did nothing but slag off the 'Jeremiahs' at HQ UKLF who had provided quite small cups and prizes when compared to 2 Div. His speech ended and he sat back down in stunned silence until the drunks at the back broke into uproarious laughter.
  11. We had a cnit do that he was called the SQMS
  12. I remember one nightmare soldier we had who seemed to spend most his time "pushing round a broom in denims under supervision". Not particularly malicious, but very accident prone and with a knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time..

    We were being visited by General Farrer-Hockley, when our man (who should have been under close arrest somewhere) leapt out of nowhere and accosted him with the exclamation "hey - you're Para - do you know my brother, he's a Cpl in 2 Para?

    Badge did a perfect "vertical launch with half pike" manoever and the creature disappeared in a cloud of dust and small stones, to be seen only fleetingly in the distance for the next month or two, moving at high speed...
  13. His nephew and I played rugby together.
  14. Royal Signals had it's "McAuslan" equivalent at 1 Div HQ & Sig Regt in the early seventies. He was known by one and all as "Munch" and spent his working days in the QM's Dept lifting heavy things and his off duty time pissed.

    He was scruffy and unkempt at all times and I once accompanied the Provost Sgt, as orderly Cpl, whilst he inspected "Munch" before he left for work (This was a daily occurrence.), he had his boots on the wrong feet.

    Harmless and in those days manning levels allowed dead wood to be carried a lot easier, those were days of the 22 year Signalman/LCpl who were often found in QM's Depts or running the Regimental post room.
  15. Sounds real plausable