has any one ever heard of/used this?

i am to do a course in raf benson on a bit of kit called a milina (spelling) a sort of laser firing threat alarm thing. for use on sh.
any info on said bit of kit a bonus, pm's fine if opsec is a drama
Isn't that a village in Greece
yes google told me the same thing
should of mentioned i have searched google, def internet and intranet sites and got no where as yet

I've used it before and other similar systems...happy to give you a rough idea of its use...PM me some questions or similer.


edit to add:

Website link to the manufacturers:


they do the MEON, Barringa and MEOS systems as well which cover the same sort of kit but for different purposes.

again PM me if you need more info.
cheers sr pm sent
oi! this isnt the naffi stop deviating this thread please!

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