Has any one else recieved one of these emails

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SLUDGE, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys

    Just opened this email addressed to myself what you make of it and no I'm not interested .

    Hi Dear One
    How are you today, I hope everything is well with you. Sorry to worry you about with my proposal for a relationship with you, but I know that my request will be granted in a good and understanding way, my name is Miss Halima,i saw your profile today at www.arrse.co.uk/Forums and became intrested in you, also i will like to know more about you. I'm hoping to hear from you soon so that i will send more details about my self Including my picture to you. I think we can move from here. Bear in mind that Love has no colours barrier, no educational back ground barrier, no socio-economic barrier, religious, language, nationality or distance barrier, the only important thing is love,truth,caring and understanding.
  2. Cracking you've trapped, all you need is a piccie without the burka and you are away
  3. :D She probably fancys my Avatar. Thinking it's me . Sorry sweetheart that's the legend that is. " Derek Smalls " of the mighty Spinal Tap .
  4. If she cared for you that much she'd become a member and show her tits to all of us.

    Having said that, I did acquire a stalker on her a couple of years back.
  5. I got one, wrote back saying that as soon as I get out of prison , for strangling that Tescos bird, I would love to make babys with her,
  6. that's nice did you ever hook up lol

    Shall I send her a c@ck shot
  7. Luv it!!
  8. Yeah, just got one myself. I'm in the process of trying to come up with a reply.
  9. Err, yes. Just the once.
  10. My reply to the e-mail. Lets see if I get a reply! :twisted:
  11. Whats the betting that this 'Girlie' is a 32 stone Geezer from downtown Accra..... after yer Dosh!! Yep... I've had a few of those over the years...... oops!! Emails, that is.... not 32 Stone 'Girlies......' :lick:
  12. I keep getting birds from Ghana call me on Skype. This is the latest one. She alleges that they are her pics (she sent me more than this one).

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  13. I have asked her to send me some nuddy ones. The last girl from Ghana sent me some cracking shots.
  14. Could be worse. 'She' might come from Warrington.