Has any body got a G.P or a SA80 A2 poster I could have please???

As the title says I am after a G.P or SA80 poster, I've just joined a new ACF unit and sort of lost it by intrusting a cadet to look after it and it's gone missing so I feel a bit of a dick!
A electronic copy would do as I will print it off.
Inbox me for any more info.
Many thanks in advance!
They are on Westminster. Go to the Document Library, click on the Specialist Areas tab and they are at the bottom of the Skill at Arms tab.
I've just joined so not got access to Westminster. I thought it would be that easy but the DC seemed to have a sad on about it and I don't do problems I do solutions !
Cheers anyway
I have some j peg ones that I took the yellow out of to save ink when printing.... When I'm next on my other PC I'll send you links to them. :)
Quote from ACF Magazine

" All adults MUST have access to Westminster"

In reality you must have protecting personnell information module complete and CRB and 1109 security paperwork completed as well!

PM me your county if you like


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There are many websites you can use for training aids, one of the most common is MK Bartlett. Devonshire ACF is worth a look also

I hope the ACF don't deliver powerpoint drill lessons.... as per the MK Bartlett site. Good site but there can sometimes be an over reliance on powerpoint.

A good powerpoint is a bad instructor.
Most have been borrowed from other sites....
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