Has a posting forced you into a marriage?

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by beemer, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. From experience, my posting eventually forced me into a marriage. Thankfully, after 14 years of marriage we are still happily :lol: together. What about you?
  2. A posting that forced me into divorce !!!!!

  3. Got me out of one :lol:
  4. no but the missus has forced me into a posting ;)
  5. To return to your very sensible thread beemer. When Mrs S and I first met, we were both divorced and believed in 'once bitten - twice shy'. However I was posted from where she lived so we rented a little gaff near my new camp. However, my CO was 'Victorian Dad' and didn't believe in 'that sort of thing' so he insisted I pay for food and accommodation in the mess. With CSA payments, rent on the house and mess charges we were so poor we resorted to peddling Bettaware catalogues on the garrison. Just before we headed down bankrupt alley we decided the only way out was to tie the knot and move into a quarter.

    Ten years on we're still together so I guess the miserable old sod did us a favour!
  6. I wouldn't say my hubbies posting forced us into getting married, but it certainly speeded up the process! We were engaged while he was based in the UK, and the difficulties of seperation when he was posted to Germany just meant we pulled our wedding forward by a year. I'm certainly not complaining! :lol:
  7. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes including two kids and a mortgage…

    No regrets, so she tells me.

    15 years!!
  8. mine got sped up as ebrington barracks had p**s poor accomodation

    nice pads though!
  9. From many of the hairy-arsed munters that my colleagues have married over the years it seems the promise of a regular shag and out of the block are good enough reasons to get married! I feel so sorry for many of them! I remember one smooth looking welsh bloke who was sitting alone at a function, he said he'd just got married and I thought, I bet she's a real dolly bird. Then she walked up and stood beside her new hubby, I looked up and was introduced to a chubby bird who's bespectacled face looked like it was permanently pushed up against glass! Poor bastard, why'd he do it eh?
  10. Yes, Still on the go after 16 yrs. Marriage also caused me to leave and start up in civvy street..
  11. I have heard that the government was looking into pardons...