Has “The Quickening” had its day.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by WitchfinderGeneral, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. No, I love to be mucked about for a lousy 5% pay rise

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  2. Who cares, I hate all officers alike!

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  3. Yes, get rid, its a waste of time

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  1. Has “The Quickening” had its day.

    Once upon a time in the big, bad, old army, almost every WO1 thought about applying for a commission. and in a fiendish attempt to make it look like there was a selection process for all, the Quickening developed.

    Nowadays it’s all different. The outside world looks safe and inviting and the skills learned in the forces are transferable. Also being an LE Officer isn’t the semi retirement it used to be, now you are ragged to death and the tempo of operations could mean you will be away more than ever.

    But the DE Officers still think that after 22 years of service, you should still jump through hoops and be ever so grateful that they might make you a butt fcuk Captain.

    So is it about time we stopped kidding ourselves that we need them, more than they need us and they start to invite the most suitable and best WO1’s to apply for a commission and then you get one interview with the EinC and his buddies and they can make up their mind by reading your CR’s and meeting you in person or accepting your CO's reccomendation.

    And get rid of all the rest of the crap which essentially is a waste of time, effort and Money.
  2. *cough* :wink:
  3. I think you will find Fred West was ex infrantry and Harold Shippman was once in the RAMC.....I belive
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Didn't pass then?
  5. If only, then I would have a good excuse for being bitter and twisted