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Hartshead Moor bombing of 1974

I have been asked to help track down some of the relatives of those killed in the Hartshead Moor bombing of 1974:

Hi, I wonder if you can help me. As some of you know, my brother Bombardier Terence Griffin (Royal Artillery) was killed on the M62 coach bomb blast in 1974, along with Signalman(men) and Fusilier(s). On the M62 Hartshead Moor Service Station there is a plaque which lists everybody's name who was killed in this incident. The Manager of the service station wants to hold a meeting with me regarding moving the plaque to another location within the service station. I really could do with talking to the other families who lost relatives in this incident and I was wondering if you could help me. I have managed to contact the Signals Regiment who have helped me but I could do with the Adjutants number at Catterick and cannot seem to find it. Also I need to contact the Fusilier(s) who were killed. I have spoken to the Veterans Agency and SAAFA but am getting no further. If you cannot help me, do you know who can?
Kind regards
Mo Norton

'All it takes for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.'
Edmund Burke
You can find out more about the bombing here from the BBC.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can direct Mo, pse respond or pm me. If we get no contacts, Mo will go to the meeting and keep me informed should we need to ensure that the memorial is not relegated to an unbecoming area.


(I will also post this on the Infantry page, the RRF also lost soldiers in the bombing; as well as the Militaria page.)
Quick update:

Mo has been to the Service Station and has had a promising meeting, with the Welcome Break agreeing to move the plaque and considering making a "Remebrance Garden", which they will kindly fund!

Mo has made contact with some of the families (Michael Waugh, Clifford Houghton, Mrs Haughton and Len Godden) who are very supportive, but wishes to try and engage with all of the families to ensure that they all support the move. She has made fresh contact with the British Legion and the War Memorials Trust and I will pursue the various Regimental Associations.

Should you wish to see Mo's excellent interview, which also gives some background, the links is here
We all thought that if (again with the permission of the families) the plaque is resited that there would need to be a re-dedication ceremony and that would taken place probably next February, near to the 4th (the anniversary) as possible with the British Legion and maybe the Northern Ireland Veterans Association and various regiments involved etc. ..
I will keep everyone informed of progress.

Drop_Short said:
If anyone has any ideas on where I can direct Mo, pse respond or pm me. If we get no contacts, Mo will go to the meeting and keep me informed should we need to ensure that the memorial is not relegated to an unbecoming area.
I attended the very moving service of dedication today and would like to publically thank all those involved in the ceremony, but especially Mo Morton who was the driving force behind the new memorial, whose brother Terrence was one of the victims of the bombing. Despite the cold weather and couple of inches of snow on the ground the turnout was fantastic - the clip below does not really do it justice! From the numerous standards to the huge array of head-dress worn by the veterans, it was a very fitting tribute to those who so tragically lost their lives on that day 35 years ago.

I would also like to eat some humble pie! Far from Welcome Break moving the memorial to an unbecoming area, the memorial now sits in pride of place in front of the entrance to the service station. In addition, they laid on refreshments after the ceremony for all of the by now frozen crowd of 500! In today’s fraught financial times, it was a mighty fine gesture.

I am sure that Mo may herself post something on this site to properly thank those involved, but I should also mention the other official sponsors: “Life for Life” Memorial Forests whose oak will now provide a living tribute to their loss; Marshalls for the landscaping; the Royal British Legion; and the Oldham Liaison of Ex-Services Associations.

BBC Clip

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